Integration is a bit of a misnomer with a software package like ComputerEase, since ComputerEase does not have an API.  It does, however, support batch import of invoices.  The means that "integration" is manual export/import process that looks like this:

  1. In ServiceTrade, search for the invoices to be synced to ComputerEase
  2. Export the list of invoices and process them with the ComputerEase Integration Tool
  3. Import the resulting invoice import XML file into ComputerEase
  4. (Optional) Import the resulting invoice status CSV file back into ServiceTrade to update the status of the imported invoices

What Fields Can Be Imported?

Good question!  Currently the ComputerEase import file that our integration tool creates will create the following fields:

  • ComputerEase Customer Number:  This is stored on each ServiceTrade Company record in the form of an "external_id" labeled "computerease"
  • Invoice Number:  ServiceTrade invoice numbers are automatically generated and guaranteed to be unique. The invoice number is overridable on a per-invoice basis if so desired.
  • Customer PO:  This optional field represents the PO number that a customer may have provided for you to put on the invoice in ServiceTrade.
  • Notes:  The ServiceTrade invoice notes can populate this field.
  • Transaction Date:  This can be customized to be the date the ServiceTrade invoice was created, the last transaction date of the invoice, or the date that the integration tool is run.
  • Job Number:  This is the ServiceTrade job number.
  • Items:  One or more items on the invoice that can have the following fields.
  • Item - Number:  The ServiceTrade "item_code" that should map to a pre-existing item number in ComputerEase.
  • Item - Description:  The description of this item.
  • Item - Quantity:  The quantity of this item.
  • Item - Unit Price:  The price you will charge the customer for this item.
  • Item - Taxable:  Whether or not this item is taxable.
  • Item - Sales Account:  This is also known as the GL Code.  This field is customizable based on your business logic.

Integration Requirements

  • ServiceTrade account must have an external system whose name is ‘computerease’
  • Customers must exist in both ServiceTrade and ComputerEase, and the ServiceTrade location must have a ComputerEase external ID that matches the corresponding ComputerEase customer number.  ComputerEase does not support batch importing of customer records.
  • Items used on the invoice must exist in both ServiceTrade and ComputerEase, and the ServiceTrade item’s item code must match the corresponding ComputerEase item number.  ComputerEase does not support batch importing of items.

Required Customization

  • ComputerEase requires each invoice line item to have a GL code (Sales account code)
  • Each customer who uses the ComputerEase integration must purchase services hours to create their GL code mapping rules
  • The number of hours needed is determined by how complex the customer’s GL code mapping rules are
  • A scoping call should be set up to determine those requirements

Caveats and Limitations

  • Batch-importing customers from ServiceTrade to ComputerEase is not supported (ComputerEase limitation)
  • Creating the customer in ComputerEase as part of importing the first invoice for that customer is not supported (ComputerEase limitation)
  • Importing items from ServiceTrade to ComputerEase is not supported (ComputerEase limitation)


  • Here is an example of the output of our ComputerEase converter, which is in XML format and has sample data.  If you want to do a test import, you can use this as a template but you'll need to edit it and change the SalesAccount numbers to your GL codes, change the Item codes and the Customer numbers.  Download Sample File
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