You can use ServiceTrade's salesperson tracking feature to assign and monitor ownership and accountability for services in your organization, and to assist in the process of allocating commissions.

Creating Salespeople

You must first indicate which of your users are salespeople, because only those users can to be assigned to your jobs and quotes.  To make one of your users a salesperson, edit their user profile and check the 'User is a Salesperson' checkbox:

Sales users will be tagged with a 'sales' badge in your user list:

Assigning Salespeople to Transactions

IMPORTANT:  Only users to whom you have granted the 'Manage Salesperson Assignments' activity are allowed to add and change the salesperson on jobs and quotes.  By default, only account administrators have this activity.

To assign a salesperson to a job, click the 'Manage Job' link and select your desired salesperson from the Job Salesperson list:

To assign a salesperson to a quote, click the 'Manage Quote' link and select your desired salesperson from the Quote Salesperson list:

Note that these salesperson assignment options will appear only if you have at least one active salesperson in your ServiceTrade account.

Searching and Filtering by Salesperson

The job and quote lists are searchable by salesperson.  The dashboard can be filtered to show only jobs assigned to a selected salesperson or list of salespeople.  Click the dashboard filter icon, then update the salesperson filter:

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