The ServiceTrade Accounting Connector for ComputerEase is a Windows application that batch imports your ServiceTrade AR invoice and payroll data into ComputerEase.

Before you begin:  Install and configure your Accounting Connector for ComputerEase by following the instructions in this support article.

1. Log into the company in ComputerEase for which you want to import records.
2. Double-click the 'ServiceTrade Accounting Connector for ComputerEase' shortcut on your desktop.
3. In the popup that appears, choose the type of record that you want to import, and the date range for your import, then click 'Import into ComputerEase'.

Continue with the section below that matches your import type.

Importing AR Invoices

4. Review the 'Freeform Invoices Import' popup that appears in ComputerEase.

If there are any errors: make a note of the error messages so you know what issues to address, then click Cancel in the invoice popup in ComputerEase...

...then click the red 'Import was NOT successful' button in the Connector.

Address the issues presented in the error message, then start over at step 1.

If there are no errors:  Click 'Save' in the invoice popup in ComputerEase...

...then click 'Skip' to skip printing the posting report, or choose a printer and click 'OK' to print the posting report.

Your invoices are now imported.

Importing Payroll

4. In the 'Enter Labor Distribution by Job' popup that appears, click OK.

5. In the 'Import Labor Distribution' popup that appears, ensure that the 'Use Layout' box value is 'ServiceTrade', then click 'Import' (or click 'Preview' to review the import file before importing).

6. Choose the 'File' menu at the top, then choose 'Save' to save the new payroll entries.

Your payroll entries are now imported.

For more information, see this article for troubleshooting common Connector error messages.

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