What is fmPilot2?

FacilitySource is a national facilities management company that subcontracts work to its partner network (service contractors aka vendors) via an application named fmPilot2.  Service contractors that perform work for FacilitySource are plagued by double data entry that is required in order to complete every step of every job. 

Additionally, this double data entry results in data latency for FacilitySource, which degrades its value proposition with customers such as Target, KFC, and Aeropostale.

To solve this pain point, FacilitySource is going to require vendors that perform large volumes of work in fmPilot2 to integrate their operational software with fmPilot2. FacilitySource has partnered with ServiceTrade to create an out-of-the-box offering to meet their upcoming requirement.  If contractors do not choose ServiceTrade, they will need to implement a native integration of their own.

Getting Started:

You must be on a Premium or Enterprise ServiceTrade plan to use the fmPilot2 integration.  Please open a support ticket by emailing support@servicetrade.com with the below information:

  1. A list of customers on whose behalf they do work in fmPilot2.  The easiest way to do this is just to copy/paste the list of clients that appears on the 'Vendor Directory' screen right after you log into fmPilot2.
  2. A username/password in your ServiceTrade account that the integration will use to connect to their ServiceTrade account. You may either give us a username/password pair, or direct us to create a new user in your account specifically for connecting to fmPilot2 (most folks just have us do this).
  3. Complete and attach this spreadsheet of service line mappings.  You need to choose at least a default service line, and -- if they want different fmPilot2 request codes to map to different ServiceTrade service lines -- a mapping of request codes to service lines.


Can I use a free or Select ServiceTrade account to deliver FacilitySource work? 

Why is the Premium plan required? 

  • The Premium plan helps to cover the API functionality, development hours and support resource required for the integration with fmPilot2.

Can I use fmPilot1, or any other version than fmPilot2?

  • only fmPilot2 customers can be integrated at this time.
  • We can't get access to customers who still use fmPilot1, as fmPilot1 does not and will not have an API.

Who will provide support for the various parts of this solution?  

  • ServiceTrade will support our integration with fmPilot2. Any issues with fmPilot2 should be taken to FacilitySource

What is required to connect ServiceTrade with fmPilot2?

  • The integration with fmPilot2 is built right into ServiceTrade, and is included at no extra charge with Premium plans, similarly to Quickbooks or Intacct integrations. No middleware or other services are required.

How does the integration work?

1. When a new work order is created by FacilitySource user in fmPilot2...

2. ...a job for that work order is created in ServiceTrade

3. ServiceTrade job includes details of service to be delivered. The job is searchable by the fmPilot work order number via global search. 

4. When an appointment is scheduled in ServiceTrade...

5. ...the work order status changes to In Progress and the Schedule date/time is set.

6. When the first appointment is completed and a  second appointment is scheduled in ServiceTrade...

7. ...the work order status changes to Follow Up and the Schedule date/time is updated.

8. When the job is completed in ServiceTrade...

9. ...the work order status changes to Pending Vendor Invoice.

Caveats and Limitations:

  • Only work order details, status, and comments are synced
  • IVR clock-in/clock-out events are not synced.  Technicians will still need to call the FacilitySource IVR when servicing customers who require this, even if they have also clocked in through the ServiceTrade mobile application.
  • Attachments and paperwork are not synced (A future version of the FacilitySource API will support this)
  • Invoices and quotes are not synced (A future version of the FacilitySource API will support this)


Customer records are duplicated. 

  • There are probably pre-existing customer records in your ServiceTrade account whose names are similar, but not identical, to those customers’ names in fmPilot2.  When syncing work orders, the integration will use an existing ST location record that has a fmPilot2 external ID which matches the customer’s fmPilot2 StoreNumber, or if the names match perfectly (including case). Otherwise, the integration will create a new location.

Work orders for some customer companies are syncing; others aren’t.

  • ServiceTrade Support should check on whether the integration is set up to retrieve data from all the vendor’s customer domains.  If not, ServiceTrade Support must add an integration configuration stanza for the missing domain(s). 
  • ServiceTrade Support should make sure that FacilitySource has granted ServiceTrade access to all the customer domains that the vendor services.  If not, ServiceTrade Support should contact FacilitySource to gain access to those domains, then add an integration configuration stanza for the missing domain(s).

Some orders from a given company are coming over. Others are not.

  • Check the work order status in fmPilot2.  We ignore final statuses such as COMP, WCR, PCP, and SOLVED when bringing orders over to ServiceTrade. 
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