When adding assets, you may notice that there are too many choices available, or you may be looking for an asset type that you do not see available.

The choices displayed when adding a new asset are currently controlled by the service lines enabled on your account.  To edit account level service lines, an admin user must go to My Account -> Edit and update relevant service lines.

In the list below, we show all available asset types and the required service line.

Asset Type (required service line):
Access Control Device (Security Alarm)
AED/Defibrillator (Medical Equipment)
Air Curtain (Commercial Heating)
Air Dryer (Compressed Air Equipment)
Air Handler Unit (HVAC)
Alarm Battery (Alarm Systems)
Alarm Communication Device (Security Alarm)
Alarm Device (Alarm Systems)
Alarm Device Group (Alarm Systems)
Alarm System (Alarm Systems)
Alarm System Group (Alarm Systems)
Alarm System Primary Power Supply (Alarm Systems)
Alarm System Secondary Power Supply (Alarm Systems)
Alarm Valve (Sprinkler)
Antifreeze Loop (Sprinkler)
Autoclave (Autoclave)
Autoclave Hinged Door (Autoclave)
Autoclave Sliding Door (Autoclave)
Auxiliary Drain (Sprinkler)
Auxiliary Equipment (Commercial Heating)
Awning (Pressure Washing)
Backflow (Backflow)
Backflow Group (Backflow)
Barn (Farm Facility)
Bedding Dispenser (Laboratory Equipment)
Bedding Waste Disposal (Laboratory Equipment)
Biomedical Equipment (Biomedical Equipment)
Blood Pressure Unit (Medical Equipment)
Blowdown Separator (Boiler Water System)
Boar Bot (Farm Equipment)
Boiler (Commercial Hot Water)
Boiler Controls (Boiler Controls)
Boiler Feed System (Boiler Water System)
Bottle Filler (Laboratory Equipment)
Building Facade (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)
Bulk Vessel (Bulk Delivery)
Burner (Burner)
Bus (Farm Machinery)
Cart/Cage Washer (Laboratory Equipment)
Cell Radio (Security Alarm)
Centrifuge (Laboratory Equipment)
Check Valve (Sprinkler)
Chemical Feed System (Boiler Water System)
Chemical System (Dairy Farming)
Chiller (Cooling)
Circulating Fan (HVAC)
Clean Agent Cylinder (Clean Agent Suppression)
Clean Agent Suppression (Clean Agent Suppression)
Clean Bedding Conveyor System (Laboratory Equipment)
CO2 Cylinder (CO2 Suppression)
CO2 Suppression (CO2 Suppression)
Commercial Property (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)
Commercial Truck (Truck Washing)
Compressor (Commercial Controls)
Condensate Drain (Compressed Air Equipment)
Condensate Return System (Boiler Water System)
Condensing Unit (HVAC)
Control Box (Dairy Farming)
Control Valve (Sprinkler)
Control Valve Group (Sprinkler)
Cooking Equipment (Kitchen Appliances)
Cooler (Cooler)
Cooling Tower (Commercial Cooling)
Corrosion Monitoring (Sprinkler)
Cow Brush (Dairy Farming)
Deaerator (Boiler Water System)
Deck (Pressure Washing)
Deluge Valve (Sprinkler)
Direct Digital Control System (Comfort Controls)
Display Cooler (Refrigeration)
Draft Beer Equipment (Draft Beer Equipment)
Dry Sprinkler (Sprinkler)
Dry Valve (Sprinkler)
ECG Recorder (Medical Equipment)
Economizer (Boiler Heat Recovery)
Electric Heater (Heating)
Electrostatic Precipitator (Electrostatic Precipitator)
Emergency/Exit Light (Emergency / Exit Lights)
EMS/US (Medical Equipment)
Evaporative Cooler (Cooling)
Exhaust Fan (Ventilation)
Eye Wash Station (Eye Wash Station)
Fan Coils (HVAC)
Feed Pump (Boiler Water System)
Fence (Pressure Washing)
Filtration System (Residential Hot Water)
Fire Damper (Fire Suppression)
Fire Department Connection (Sprinkler)
Fire Door (Fire Door)
Fire Extinguisher Group (Portable Extinguishers)
Fire Hose (Fire Hose)
Fire Hose Connection (Sprinkler)
Fire Pump (Sprinkler)
Fire Suppression (Fire Suppression)
Fire Suppression Alarm Device (Fire Suppression)
Fire Suppression AV Appliance (Fire Suppression)
Fire Suppression Cylinder  (Fire Suppression)
Fire Suppression Supervisory Device (Fire Suppression)
Fire Suppression Supplementary Equipment (Fire Suppression)
Fleet (Truck Washing)
Foam System Suppression (Foam System Suppression)
Fountain Soda Equipment (Fountain Soda Equipment)
Fuel Canopy (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)
Fuel Dispenser (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)
Furnace (Heating)
Gas Cylinder (Gas Delivery)
Gas Station Fire Suppression (Fire Suppression)
Generator (Genset)
Generator Block Heater/Thermostat (Genset)
Generator Controller (Genset)
Generator Engine Thermostat (Genset)
Generator Fuel Pump (Genset)
Generator Injector Pump (Genset)
Generator Rad Cap (Genset)
Generator Starter (Genset)
Generator Volt Regulator (Genset)
Generator Water Pump (Genset)
Glassware Oven/Dryer (Laboratory Equipment)
Glassware Washer (Laboratory Equipment)
Glycol Line Chiller (Refrigeration)
Glycol Station (Heating)
Grease Containment (Grease Containment)
Grease Trap/Interceptor (Grease Trap Clean)
Heat Pump (HVAC)
Heat Recovery System (Boiler Heat Recovery)
HOA (HOA Pressure Washing)
Humidifier (HVAC)
HVAC Unit Group (HVAC)
Ice Machine (Ice Machine)
Industrial Refrigeration System (Commercial Controls)
Industrial Suppression (Industrial/Dry Chemical Suppression)
Inspectors Test Valve (Sprinkler)
Instrument Washer (Medical Equipment)
Intrusion Device (Security Alarm)
Intrusion Panel (Security Alarm)
IV Pump (Medical Equipment)
Kitchen Equipment (Kitchen Equipment)
Kitchen Exhaust Fan (Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning)
Kitchen Exhaust Filter (Filter Exchange)
Kitchen Exhaust Hood (Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning)
Kitchen Exhaust System (Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning)
Kitchen Fire Suppression (Kitchen Suppression)
Kitchen Suppression Cylinder (Kitchen Suppression)
"Lab Equipment ( Other" (Laboratory Equipment)
Lighting (Lighting)
Lighting Controls (Comfort Controls)
Line Filter (Compressed Air Equipment)
Location (NULL)
Main Drain Valve (Sprinkler)
Makeup Air Unit (Ventilation)
Manure Pump (Farm Equipment)
Medical Equipment (Medical Equipment)
Medical Physics (Medical Equipment)
Mower (Farm Machinery)
Multi-Family Residential (Multi-Family Home Pressure Washing)
Nitrogen Blender (Nitrogen Delivery)
Nitrogen Generator (Nitrogen Delivery)
Nurse Call Equipment (Medical Equipment)
O2 Concentrator (Medical Equipment)
Oil/Water Separator (Compressed Air Equipment)
OR Table (Medical Equipment)
Oto/Ophthalmoscope (Medical Equipment)
Out Building (Pressure Washing)
Paint Booth (Paint Booth)
Panic Door (Alarm Systems)
Patient/Vital Signs Monitor (Medical Equipment)
Paved Surface (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)
Pneumatic System (Comfort Controls)
Pollution Control Device (Pollution Control)
Pool Heater (Residential Heating)
Portable Fire Extinguisher (Portable Extinguishers)
Power Washer (Farm Equipment)
Pre-Action Valve (Sprinkler)
Prep Table (Refrigeration)
Private Fire Hydrant (Fire Hydrant)
Quick Opening Device (Sprinkler)
Reach-In Cooler/Freezer (Refrigeration)
Refrigerated Truck (Refrigeration)
Refrigeration (Refrigeration)
Regulator (Residential Heating)
Release Panel (Fire Suppression)
Residential Door Operator (Residential Door Operator )
Residential Garage Door (Residential Garage Door)
Riser (Sprinkler)
Riser Counts (Sprinkler)
Roll Off Dumpster (Waste Removal)
Rooftop Grease Containment (Grease Containment)
Rooftop Unit (HVAC)
Scale (Medical Equipment)
Single Family Residential (Single Family Home Pressure Washing)
Smoke Detector (Alarm Systems)
Smoke Detector Group (Alarm Systems)
Sonic Cleaner (Medical Equipment)
Special Event Equipment (Special Event Equipment)
Special Hazards (Special Hazards)
Sprinkler (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler Alarm Device (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler AV Appliance (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler AV Appliance Group (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler Monitor Nozzle (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler Nitrogen Generator (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler Supervisory Device (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler Supervisory Device Group (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler Supplementary Equipment (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler Supplementary Equipment Group (Sprinkler)
Sprinkler System Group (Sprinkler)
Stand Pipe (Stand Pipe)
Standpipe Valve (Stand Pipe)
Steam Boiler (Medical Equipment)
Steam Pressure Reducing Station (Boiler Steam System)
Steam Pressure Reducing Valve (Boiler Steam System)
Steam Pump (Boiler Steam System)
Steam Trap (Boiler Steam System)
Storage Tank (Commercial Hot Water)
Stormwater System (Stormwater Management)
Suction Unit (Medical Equipment)
Surge Tank (Boiler Water System)
Surgery Light (Medical Equipment)
Tamper Switch (Sprinkler)
Tamper Switch Group (Sprinkler)
Thermometer (Medical Equipment)
Tractor (Farm Machinery)
Trash Pump (Farm Equipment)
Tube Heater (Heating)
Tunnel Washer (Laboratory Equipment)
Unit Heater (Commercial Heating)
Variable Air Volume System (HVAC)
Variable Frequency Drive (Comfort Controls)
Vehicle (Vehicle Tracking)
Vehicle Suppression (Vehicle Suppression)
Vending Machine (Vending)
Video Surveillance Device (Security Alarm)
Walk-In Cooler/Freezer (Refrigeration)
Water Flow Switch (Sprinkler)
Water Flow Switch Group (Sprinkler)
Water Fountain (Refrigeration)
Water Heater (Residential Hot Water)
Water Pump (Residential Hot Water)
Water Softener (Boiler Water System)
Water Tank (Sprinkler)
Water Treatment System (Boiler Water System)
Wet Sprinkler (Sprinkler)
Wheeled Trash Can (Trash Can Cleaning)
WM Stormwater System (Stormwater Management)


Is there a way to change the asset type once an asset has already been created?

  • Because each asset type is totally custom (though they may have some number of similar fields, such as serial, make, model, etc), it is not possible to "convert" assets from one type to another.

Can I just enable/disable asset types one-by-one instead of by service line?

  • Not at this time.

I want there to be different/more/fewer fields on a given asset type.

  • We may be able to help.  Email support@servicetrade.com with as much detail as you can about what you wish to add, and what kind of field it should be (text, number, date, etc).
  • Assets types are currently global (all users can use them).  With this in mind, we almost certainly will not be able to remove an existing field at your request.

I don't see the asset type I want.

You may propose a new asset type to support@servicetrade.com. We might be able to make a new one, subject to management approval.  There are several factors that must be considered, including the fact that your proposed asset type will be visible to all ServiceTrade users.

Asset proposals should include the following information:

  • Desired asset name and relevant service line.
  • What each field should be named and what kind of field it should be.
  • Whenever the possible choices are limited, use a "drop-down list" as the field type, and tell us what options should be on the list.
  • The last step is to propose an asset instance name.  This is the name of the asset that will show up in lists, such as when picking an asset for a service or deficiency.
  • Keep in mind instance names may be displayed on small devices, such as iPhone 5.  If the name is too long, it may look odd, or not fit on the screen. 
  • Instance names should almost always start with "location_in_site".
  • Pick 1-3 other fields that help to identify or confirm the asset within a list. %location_in_site% %model& %serial% is a good example.
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