If you have an integration with Dexter + Chaney Spectrum, you can send jobs from ServiceTrade to Spectrum, where they become work orders.  You can then use those work orders in Spectrum to record purchase orders, labor time, and other cost tracking.

To send a job to Spectrum, click on the Send menu at the top of the job page, then click the "Send Job to Spectrum" entry that corresponds to the Spectrum connection that you want to use.  (Under most circumstances, you will have only one Spectrum connection, but it's possible to create multiple Spectrum integrations if your ServiceTrade account needs to integrate with multiple Spectrum instances).

If the sync is successful:

A work order in Spectrum will be created.  The resulting work order number in Spectrum will be the job number from ServiceTrade, with a leading letter or number prepended to the job number, if you chose one in your Spectrum integration settings. For easy reference, the Spectrum external ID on the job will be set to be the Spectrum work order number.  In the example below, the letter 'T' was configured to be the leading character, so that letter is added to the beginning of the job number.

The work order in Spectrum will be assigned to the Spectrum customer that is associated with the ServiceTrade job's customer, and to the Spectrum site that is associated with the ServiceTrade job's location.  If the ServiceTrade job has a contract AND that contract is associated with a contract in Spectrum, then the Spectrum work order will also be assigned to that contract.

If the ServiceTrade job has a description, it will be used to set the Spectrum work order's summary description.  If the ServiceTrade job has a customer PO number, it will be used to set the Spectrum work order's customer PO number.

Job items and appointment scheduling details are NOT currently synced to Spectrum.

IMPORTANT: Please note that it is possible to send the same job to Spectrum as many times as you wish.  However, if you manually make edits to a work order field (such as the customer PO number or summary description) that ServiceTrade updates, and then send the job from ServiceTrade again, your manual changes to the work order will be OVERWRITTEN and the information from the ServiceTrade job will be set on the Spectrum work order.

If the sync fails:

A comment with details about the failure is added to the job.  More information about common sync failure errors that you may experience, and instructions for fixing them, are in this support article.

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