This is a reference on bulk importing items into ServiceTrade.

Before you get started on completing our items and prices import template, you may wish to:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the concept of items in ServiceTrade.
  2. Review the general information on bulk importing.
  3. Review updated rules on required fields for your import template.

The following fields are used by the items and prices import template. We present them here with definitions and whether or not they are required.

  • description (required) - a human-readable description of the item.
  • service_line - the abbreviation of the service line for this service.  A good place to see all of the available service line abbreviations is on the bottom right of the My Account page in ServiceTrade.
  • item_code - the SKU or Part Number for the item.
  • type (required) - can be any one of: inspection, service, part, labor, fee, or other.
  • price - should be set to the contract price for this item in format 125.78 - more on "contract" below.
  • taxable - "1" for taxable, "0" for not taxable, defaults to "1".
  • cost - should be set to your standard cost for this item (if applicable).
  • contract_id - should be set to the id for the contract on which to set the price, defaults to your standard pricing contract if not set.
  • update_price_only - "1" allows you to update prices and standard costs for existing items; items that do not already exist will be created. "0" assumes that you are creating new items and rejects rows for items that already exist. "0" is the default.

IMPORTANT: update_price_only is the only field that will update existing items.   All other fields are only for creating entirely new items.

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