As an invite-only Zapier App, ServiceTrade triggers, searches, and actions are not displayed on the Zapier Apps Directory. Instead, they are referenced below:


  • New Company
  • New Location
  • New Job
  • New Contact
  • New Attachment
  • New Clock Event
  • New Deficiency
  • New Job Comment
  • New Quote
  • Updated Company
  • Updated Location
  • Updated Job
  • Updated Appointment
  • Updated Deficiency
  • Updated Quote
  • Updated Invoice


  • Find Company
  • Find Location
  • Find Job By Job Number
  • Find Company By External ID
  • Find Location By External ID
  • Find Asset By External ID


  • Add Attachment to Job
  • Add Tag to Job
  • Add Comment to Job
  • Add Asset to Location
  • Add Tag to Location
  • Add Comment to Location
  • Add Tag to Company
  • Add External ID to Company
  • Add External ID to Location
  • Add External ID to Job
  • Create or Update Company
  • Create or Update Location
  • Create or Update Contact on Location
  • Create Job
  • Create or Update Appointment
  • Create Deficiency
  • Create Quote
  • Create or Update Invoice
  • Remove Tag from Company
  • Remove Tag from Location
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