This article discusses basic troubleshooting steps to follow when using ServiceTrade for Android and iOS devices. If your techs are having trouble, this is your main resource.  The steps or items below are in order of simplest to the most complex, and following them will resolve nearly every issue that the field may come across.

Unable to clock in:

  • If there is a "Time data not loaded yet" error, give the app a moment to load. Make sure that all the categories on the right of the job page have numbers, rather than loading spinners, next to them.  If the issue persists, try to re-sync (Pull down and release on Apple devices.  Tap the sync button in the top menu on Android devices.)
  • If there is an error message that you are still clocked into a different appointment, attempt to clock out of that appointment. If the appointment is unavailable or you cannot find it, please contact your office with job number to resolve (by closing your time pair.) If the office makes a manual time entry to close the time pair, it is essential that they choose the correct matching appointment, if there are multiple appointments.
  • Check for "Waiting to Sync" items in the ServiceTrade mobile app for iOS. Attempt re-sync if there are any pending sync items. Attempt clock in again.  For Android, tap the re-sync button at the top, then try to clock in again,
  • If you are still unable to clock-in after following the above steps, please delete and re-install the ServiceTrade app.

Job is not showing in the appointments list:

If you feel you should be seeing a job or appointment in the ServiceTrade mobile app and do not, follow these steps to resolve, in order of most likely to least likely:

  1. Refresh the appointment list by pulling down on it and releasing (iOS) or by tapping the refresh button (Android).
  2. Is this an actual appointment, or an unscheduled job? If the latter, check the in-app preferences to make sure that "Show Unscheduled Jobs" is turned on. Unscheduled jobs will show up under the jobs due date.
  3. Have the office make sure that the job/appointment is assigned to you, and scheduled if needed.  The appointment must show as "open", not "completed", for it to show on a mobile device. 
  4. Have the office make sure that the appointment is released on the Dispatch Board or job page. It will have a green (and not gray) indicator if it is released.
  5. Have the office check for which specific username the appointment is assigned to. Be sure you are signed into ServiceTrade mobile with that exact username.

Job(s) not showing in Nearby Jobs:

  1. Make sure that you have "show unscheduled" enabled in your ServiceTrade mobile app settings.
  2. Have the office check to see which service lines are enabled under your user account.   For example, if a technician does not have the HVAC service line enabled, HVAC jobs will not show up in Nearby Jobs.
  3. Note that we only show the 50 closest applicable Nearby Jobs.  If you do not see what you are looking for, the job may be out of range.

I canceled a job but my tech still sees it: 

  • We highly recommend that all techs be set up with the appointment modified notification
  • We do not automatically sync. Rather, we usually sync when you "change screens" (go from appointments list into jobs, vice versa, etc).  This is usually sufficient to balance keeping everything up-to-date while not draining battery too quickly (through constant syncing).
  • If there is any doubt about the appointments list or about details within a job, we recommend a manual sync via the sync button on the top bar of the app (Android - shown only on the appointments list and job page) or via pull-torefresh (iOS only). 

"Phantom" appointment (this appointment should not be on my list):

  • If you have an old appointment popping up, and the office states that it is completed, this is usually because of a pending/bad clock event.
  • First, check Waiting to Sync (iOS) and refresh, or use the refresh button (Android).  Then try again.
  • If the issue persists, delete and re-install the ServiceTrade app.

I accidentally marked an appointment as complete, and now it is gone:

  • You will need to contact your office with the job information.
  • Using a desktop or laptop, a ServiceTrade office user will need to go the appointment, click "actions", and then click "re-open appointment".
  • The appointment will be available to you again now.  You may need to tap the refresh jobs button (Android) or pull-to-refresh your jobs list (iOS).

Unable to share PDF to ServiceTrade:

  • Be sure a PDF app is installed.  Adobe Reader for iOS or Xodo for Android.
  • When attempting to share on iOS, if you do not see a gray "ServiceTrade" button, tap "more" then enable ServiceTrade.
  • If on Android, sharing a PDF does not offer you a choice of destinations, you will need to edit your default application settings

Cannot log in to ServiceTrade (tablet or web) on my phone or tablet:

  • If using an Apple device, go to Settings -> Safari -> and be sure to allow cookies from websites that i visit.
  • If you get a message stating that "An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made", check the date and time settings in your device and ensure that the option to set them automatically is turned on.

The app is slow or unresponsive:

  • Make sure the phone has a good signal. If there is little to no signal in his/her area, you might see a loading slowness to any internet app. Try to load a website on the device, if the website loads fine then that might confirm the signal is good.
  • If WiFi is present at the location, there may be a bandwidth limit, which could cause slowness.
  • On Android or iOS, force quite the App and re-open it. This may fix the error.  

 To force quit:


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose "Apps" (On some Samsung phones, touch the General tab atop the Settings app screen, and then choose the Application Manager item.)
  3. Touch the "Running" tab to view only active or running apps, or you can swipe left until the "Running" tab appears.
  4. Choose ServiceTrade.
  5. Touch the "Stop" or "Force Stop" button.
  6. Go back to your home screen and restart ServiceTrade.


  1. Double-tap the Home button in the bottom middle of your device.
  2. Swipe left until you find the ServiceTrade app.
  3. Swipe up on the ServiceTrade app to make it disappear, which force quits the application.
  4. Go back to your home screen and restart ServiceTrade.

If issues persist after force quit:

  • On either Android or iOS, restart the device. This may fix the error.
  • Delete and reinstall the ServiceTrade App.
  • At this point, if you have good signal and have completed the above steps, it is unlikely that there is something wrong with your device or your environment.  It is possible that you are attempting to load a job that has an unusually high number of assets, deficiencies, or attachments.  The office should look into this further, and possibly restructure the job, or even the location.  For example, some folks would put a "hospital" in as a single ServiceTrade location. Such a massive building with potentially thousands of assets is not our intended usage. You will have better results and more manageable jobs by dividing a hospital/campus/large entity up into its physical buildings ("Women's Center", etc) or, if truly one physical building, by its logical divisions (West Wing, Heart Center, etc).

Scanned paperwork fails or is garbled:

If you are unable to scan paperwork in the mobile app or are reviewing a job and find uploaded paperwork that is garbled or unreadable, take these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Normally this is caused by the tech having something other than the paper in the image (usually a clipboard) when scanning paperwork using the mobile app.
  2. You can always see the original image that was taken by the tech on the Job page by rolling your mouse over the thumbnail and then clicking the two little arrows that appear under the trash can.
  3. Then, you can "re-crop" the image properly by dragging the blue dots to mark the corners of the paper.
  4. You can also see why the image isn't being properly processed by our system; look for extraneous background stuff, and then show the techs how to place the paper on a solid (or as close to solid as they can) background with nothing in it, clipboards included.

Troubleshooting large numbers of attachments, or attachment size:

The limits for attachments and bulk uploads in the ServiceTrade mobile app are as follows:

  • 30 photos at a time
  • 99 MB per-file limit.

Less common errors:

  • "The operation couldn't be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1012.)" This error will appear in the mobile app if the user does not have any Roles assigned to him/her. To fix, a ServiceTrade office admin must assign an "Account Tech" role to the user.
  • "403 Error". This only happens on iOS.  If you experience this error, try logging out and back in.  If the issue persists, turn on airplane mode for 30 seconds, then turn it back off and try ServiceTrade again.  If the issue still persists, go to preferences (within ServiceTrade) and send us a debug log.

General device issues (slow/freezing):

  • Check for updates of the OS on the device. Firmware or OS updates are often available should be checked for on a regular basis.
  • Check for a ServiceTrade update in the App Store or in Google Play.
  • Restore the device. This would be a last resort option, as it takes quite some time, and is the least likely to help - though it may. If no other troubleshooting efforts resolve your issue, you may wish to partner with your device admin / IT to accomplish this and the following need to set the device back up.

I don't see a work acknowledgment on the job, but the tech states that he or she submitted one.

  • The user creating the work ack will get a confirmation screen when it is submitted.  If they did not get the confirmation screen - the work ack was not received.
  • Understand that the work acknowledgment is part of the Tablet View, which is a web page. When a work ack is signed and then saved, the information from the web page is immediately sent to ServiceTrade servers.  There (and not on your device) it is converted to a PDF, attached to the job, and emailed to the customer.
  • It is possible that the tech clicked the checkbox "send me a copy" which would send it to their own email as well.  I encourage this as a default behavior for this very reason.  (The possible need for a tech to easily retrieve one later, or if it is accidentally deleted from a job).
  • In most cases where there is no work ack, yet the tech seems to recall having completed one, there is either weak signal to blame (never got transmitted), or the tech did not save it all the way through (they will see a confirmation screen once this happens). 
  • You can also have the tech revisit that appointment on the Tablet View.  If given the option to "Create Work Acknowledgement" - the work acknowledgment may have not ever been sent.  If given the option to "Review Work Acknowledgement" you will be able to do so and to re-send it.  

I need to create another work acknowledgment for a job.  

  • The Tablet Review knows whether or not a user already captured a work acknowledgment based on the browser session.  While browser sessions are beyond the scope of this article, know that they can be reset.  First, try logging out of the Tablet View, then back in.  Go back into the appointment.  If still unable to create a work ack, reset the browser (in settings).
  • If the above step does not work, the office may need to make a new appointment on that job, in which you will be able to create a new work ack for.

How do I log drive time after a job?

  • When clocking out on-site, keep the appointment in your list.
  • Clock in again en-route.
  • When you finish driving, clock out en-route, then clock in onsite (even though you are not onsite), then clock out onsite (and DO remove the appointment from your list if you are not going back to that site today). 


Before contacting support, we have some tips below that will significantly reduce the questions that we have for you, and will save you time.

Methods of contact:

  • If viewing this page, you may try the built-in email window on the bottom-right. (This is not live chat).
  • Email
  • Call 919-246-9900, option 2.   Please leave a voicemail and we will return your call asap.
  • Support is open from 9 am to pm, Eastern Time.

Capturing a screenshot:

If you are preparing to submit a ticket to ServiceTrade Support, a screenshot is often worth 1000 words and is significantly more helpful than a written or verbal description of a problem. Here are some how-tos on taking and editing great screenshots.


Check out Apple's how-to guide.


On most Android phones, you may take a screenshot by holding down the sleep/wake button and the volume-down button simultaneously. Hold these buttons down until your screen flashes, and a slightly zoomed out screenshot appears briefly.

Some phone with a home button, notably many Samsung Galaxy models use sleep/wake + home buttons as the screenshot trigger. See your device user guide for the exact method.

Sending crash logs (iOS):

If you are having trouble with the ServiceTrade application, you can now send us a crash log so that the Support Team can better troubleshoot what might have happened. Follow these instructions the first time that you open the mobile app after a crash to send us the crash log.

1. Tap the "hamburger" menu in the top right of the app.

2. Tap "Preferences".

3. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Send Debug Log".

4. The app will compose an email to us, so just tap "Send" in the top right.

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