Please note that the following steps are only applicable on iPads. iPhones do not support this feature.

Step 1: Clock into the Job

Step 2: After clocking in, select "View appointment details" to switch over to Tablet Mode.

Step 3: Select "Actions" --> "Generate Blank Paperwork".

Step 4: Select the forms you want to download, then select "Generate Paperwork".

Step 5: The selected blank paperwork will open in a new tab.  Tap the share button (square with the arrow pointing up), then tap "Copy to Adobe Acrobat".

Step 6: Complete your paperwork in Adobe, making sure that you review all your work while in Adobe, as you will be unable to review or make changes once you have finalized things in Adobe.

Step 7: Once you have completed and reviewed your work in Adobe, select the Share button -- "the box-with-the-arrow-pointing-out" -- then select Share File.

Step 8: When you select Share File, you will receive the prompt window shown below. Here, you can choose to either: 1) share the original file 2) share a flattened copy of the file.

We recommend sharing a flattened copy if you do not want any post-completion changes to be made to the form. Essentially, flattening the PDF form will eliminate any interactivity, and prevent checkboxes, fillable fields, dropdown menus, etc. from being altered from their original state (i.e. the technician's form entries cannot later be altered).

Step 9: After selecting whether you would like to share the original form, or a flattened copy, you will be presented with the menu shown below. Choose the gray Add to ServiceTrade option.  If you do not see this option, tap the "More" button in the bottom section with grey icons.  You will be presented with a list of options with On/Off sliders. Find ServiceTrade in the list and turn it on.

Step 10: After selecting Add to ServiceTrade, if you are clocked into a job, you will receive the screen shown below. Verify that the location and job number are correct, and then select Upload.

Step 11: That's it. The completed form will be added to Service Trade's mobile app, as well as to the job page in the Web App.

Please review the NOTE in red text in the image below for some important clarifications!

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