To view existing contracts and to create new ones, hover over "Customers", and click "Contracts". This is the contracts list page. You can search and filter this list to find existing contracts in the system.

To create a new customer-specific contract:

  1. Click “Create Contract” on the contract list page.
  2. Enter a name, description, and end date.
  3. Check the box for “Template Contract” if you want this to be only a template that you copy to create contracts from, and don't intend this contract to directly apply to a customer.
  4. The “Contractor” is your organization.
  5. The “Contractee” and "For Customer" is the customer.
  6. Optionally specify the job type. This is useful if you want to create a contract for only Inspections, or Service Calls, etc.
  7. If this is a child contract, specify the “Parent Contract” to inherit from.
  8. Do not choose an addendum for a customer contract.

To create a contract for an arbitrary group of locations:

In order to apply a single set of prices to any group of locations (not just to the entire Company), you will need to create a Default Contract for a "filter group."

First, create a filter group with the locations that you want:

  • Go to Customers -> Locations -> Filters -> Create Filter.
  • Give the filter a name (like "Zone Alpha Locations").
  • Add each desired location using the "Add Location From Any Company" box on the right.
  • Save when done.

Now create the Default Contract just for this filter group

  • Go to Customers -> Contracts -> Create Default Contract.
  • Use the form to create the contract -- be sure to select "Zone Alpha Locations" (or whatever you named the group) in the Location Filter box.

Now this contract will appear on all jobs for those locations. The only downside is that the other, more generic default contract(s) *WON'T* appear in the list of contract choices when you're invoicing these jobs.

To create default contracts for use with any customer:

  • Go to Customers -> Contracts -> Create Default Contract.
  • Complete the create default contract without any location filters.

Default contracts allow you to create a "bucket" of pricing that can be manually applied to any quote or invoice.   Examples of why you might do this include: "Friends and Family Pricing", "Military/Veteran Pricing", etc.

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