ServiceTrade allows jobs to be created with a due date, then scheduled later, even by another staff member if applicable.

Jobs created via "Add Job" (location page, scheduler, or dispatch board) are not necessarily assigned scheduled. (They will be assigned automatically if a service on the job has a preferred tech, and will be scheduled automatically if the job has a preferred time.)

This tutorial assumes that you have created some number of jobs due within a given time period, either manually or via the Service Opportunities tool, and now need to schedule them. If so, there is a more efficient way to schedule jobs and technicians if you have a lot to do all at once. This video will show you the advanced map-based Scheduler and how to use it:


How do I schedule tech time off, or how do I block off time so that a tech cannot be scheduled?

  • We would recommend creating a company and location that is "the shop / your office", then creating an ongoing job for a reasonable time period (say, a month). You may then schedule a tech for appointments M-F, say, to represent a week off, etc. 

 I don't schedule my techs.  How can I make it so they can schedule themselves?

  • By default, technicians are given only the "Account Tech" role, which means that they can't schedule any jobs, even their own jobs. If your business has schedulers or dispatchers, this makes sense. But what if you want technicians to be responsible for their own schedules?
  • To let your techs schedule their own work, you'll first need to create a custom role that gives them the "schedule a job" activity. To do this, click on My Account in the main menu, then choose Roles. Now click on the "Account Tech" role.
  • Because "Account Tech" is a standard system role, you can't make changes to it, but you can create a copy and then customize the copy. To do this, click the blue Copy Role button on the right. Name the copied role "Technician with Scheduler Access", or any other name that you prefer, then click Save. In the "Choose Activity" box, choose "Schedule A Job" and then click Grant Activity.
  • Finally, grant each of your technicians the new role. In the main menu, click on My Account, then choose Users. Click on a technician. In the "Choose Role" box, choose the new technician role you created and then click Assign Role.
  • Your technicians now have access to their own jobs on the scheduler, which they can reach by clicking on Jobs in the main menu, then choosing Scheduler.
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