Tags are a useful way to group information in ways that might be useful to you.

In this brief video, we cover using tags:


What can be tagged?

  • Customers
  • Locations
  • Jobs
  • Assets
  • Quotes
  • Deficiencies
  • Invoices

How can I automatically tag certain jobs, etc?

  • Location tags are special, and will "cascade" down to new jobs for that location, appearing on the job as well. 
  • No other kind of tag behaves in the above way at this time.

I can't find anything when searching for a tag.

  • Universal search (the top bar) does not support tags.
  • To search for a tag, first go to a list, such as invoices or locations, then search by tag there.

Am I able to search for more than one tag at a time?

  • Yes.  Begin by searching for the first tag, and selecting it from the autocomplete menu. Then type a comma, and begin typing your second tag, and so on. Separate each tag with a comma.
  • The autocomplete will only work for the first tag, but the search will still work.

Where can I learn more about external IDs, and whether or not I should use them or a tag?

How can I view / manage all tags in my account?

  • Go to My Account -> Tags to view the Tag Management Tool.
  • You may view all tags used in your account on this page as well as all entities that contain that tag.
  • You may also rename, merge, and delete tags from this page. 

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