ServiceTrade for Android 1.13 is packed with tweaks and fixes, and is recommended for all users. The full changelog is detailed below:

Layout Changes:

Several menu items renamed for clarity and to match iOS version:

  • “Add Paperwork” -> “Scan Paperwork”
  • “Directions & Contact Info” -> “Location & Contact Details”
  • “Photos & Audio Memos” -> “Attachments”
  • "Memos" title -> "Attachments"

The job page is now re-ordered to match iOS:

  • Location & Contact Details”
  • “Services”
  • “Deficiencies”
  • “Paperwork”
  • “Comments”
  • “Attachments”
  • “Time”

Update sort ordering for Job Priority to:

  • emergency_*
  • urgent_*
  • priority_*
  • everything else

Update job name coloring based on priority:

  • emergency_* = red
  • urgent_* = orange
  • priority_* = yellow
  • everything else = black

More new features:

  • We now show location phone number. (Previously we only showed contacts).
  • Under “Directions and Contact Info”: If the location has a phone number, we show a blue “Call <phone_number>” button beneath the Directions button. On tap, the button will initiate the call.
  • Copy Change: If any of the contacts have phone numbers, change the blue call button for each to say “Call 919-555-1212” (prefix the phone number with the word “Call”).
  • New default deficiency severity: “Inoperable” (currently there is no default)
  • New default deficiency status: “New” (currently there is no default)
  • New: Show appointment time/length on job view pages. (We currently only display the due date.)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed various bugs that could lead to more than one copy of a PDF being uploaded.
  • Fixed a bug where special characters in comments could cause problems.
  • Markdown symbols are stripped from the job description, and the user sees plain text.
  • Several performances and security bug fixes.
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