Locations Can Be Charged Sales Tax By Default

With today's release, it's now possible to indicate that individual customer locations should be charged (or NOT charged) sales tax.  By default, all locations are not taxable -- this preserves the old behavior, where you had to specifically choose to charge sales tax on each invoice and quote.  However, by indicating that a location is taxable, any new quotes and invoices created for that location will be charged sales tax unless you specifically choose otherwise.

To set a location up to receive sales tax by default, edit that location and check the 'Taxable' box:

When creating new invoices and quotes for taxable locations, if the location's postal code has exactly one possible sales tax rate, that sales tax rate will be automatically applied; otherwise, you will be prompted to select a tax rate (if there are several choices) or enter a sales tax rate manually (if there are no choices; for instance, if your location was added without a postal code in the address).

Email Bounce Notifications Include Message Content

Previously, when emails that you send to your customers through ServiceTrade could not be delivered, you would receive a failed delivery (or 'bounce') notification which included the email address of the recipient, but not the subject or content of the bounced message.  This could make it difficult for you to track down and address the specific situation that led to the bounced message.

With this release, all new bounce notifications will include the entire text content of the bounced message, including the subject and body of the message.

Other Improvements

This release included several other improvements, including:

  • Simplified import screens for importing locations, assets, services, etc from CSV files.
  • Dexter + Chaney Spectrum job syncing can now be configured to sync jobs to Spectrum automatically when jobs are created.
  • When copying an asset in the technician tablet application, the old asset's tags are now copied to the new asset.
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