Contacts Can Have Multiple Phone Numbers

It is now possible to record up to three phone numbers for each ServiceTrade contact.  In addition to the previously available 'Phone' field, two new fields have been added:  'Mobile' and 'Alternate Phone'.

These additional phone numbers are available in the office web user interface.  Support for these additional phone numbers in the iOS and Android mobile applications will be included in a future release.

Sync Jobs to Sage Intacct Projects

Intacct users who have Sage Intacct's Project dimension enabled can now sync ServiceTrade jobs to Sage Intacct projects at any point in the job's lifecycle. Previously, a ServiceTrade job's corresponding project was not created until the ServiceTrade invoice was sent to Intacct.

By creating projects earlier in the job lifecycle, it's now possible to easily record cost items (purchase orders, payroll entries, etc) for each job's project, which in turn allows job-level cost and profitability reporting in Intacct.

To send jobs to Intacct, first ensure that the Project dimension is enabled in your Sage Intacct settings.  Then, go to any job, click the Send button in the menu in the top bar, and choose the Intacct connection that you want to use.

Contract Improvements

Evergreen Contracts

Previously, all contracts in ServiceTrade required an 'Ends On' date -- which required users to enter dates in the far future for contracts that did not actually have an end/expiration date.  Contract ends on dates are now optional, so it is now possible to create "evergreen" contracts -- that is, contracts that will never expire.

Contract API Enhancements

It is now possible to get and set region, office, and individual location assignments on contracts through ServiceTrade's contract API.  More information is available in ServiceTrade's API documentation.

Other Changes and Improvements

QuickBooks Desktop (Web Connector) Improvements

Bugfixes and performance improvements for ServiceTrade's QuickBooks Desktop integration via Intuit's Web Connector.

Improved Customer Deactivation Process

When a customer company is deactivated, you can now choose whether to also deactivate the locations belonging to that company, and whether to cancel the open jobs for that company.

Improved Actions Menu Options Order in Technician Tablet App

The order of the options in the technician tablet application Actions menu now reflects the logical order in which you would use them:  Pre-Work Authorization (which is typically used before work begins) first, then Blank Paperwork, and finally Work Acknowledgement (which is typically used after work is complete).

IMPORTANT: Backwards-Incompatible Contact API Change

The additional contact phone fields included in this release required a backwards-incompatible contact API change.  Previously the contact API allowed getting and setting a field named 'cell', which was available in the API but was not documented or surfaced in any user interfaces.  That field name has been changed to 'mobile'.  Any API integrations that rely on the presence of a 'cell' field in the contact API should be modified to use the 'mobile' field instead.

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