It is possible to add jobs in the field using ServiceTrade using the guide below.


Part One: Enabling on-call abilities for selected techs:

To enable this ability, you must either:

  1. The standard "Account Tech + On-Call" role.
  2. A custom role that you have created which adds both the 'Manage Jobs' and 'View Location Info for Other Companies' permissions.

If you wish to grant your technicians the ability to create new jobs only temporarily -- for instance, if you want the technician who is on call on a given weekend to be able to create jobs, even if they are not usually granted that capability -- you can create a custom "On Call Technician" role with the required permissions, which you can then grant to your on call technician at the beginning of the weekend, and remove when the next business week begins.  Please review this support article for more information about creating custom roles.

Part Two:  Locations:

Important: Currently, techs can only add jobs in the field to existing locations.  They will not be able to create new locations using the tablet application.

Adding locations in the field is something that will be developed in the future.

For now, if you wish to have techs be able to serve totally new customers on an on-call basis:

  1. As an office user, create a generic "on-call" location in ServiceTrade 
  2. Techs should use the generic "on-call' location if they are unable to find the location.
  3. Techs should add details to the job description as to where the location actually is, etc.
  4. Office should create the new location after the job is completed.
  5. The job can either be closed out by the office "as-is" (on the on-call location) or the job could be manually re-created on a new location, after the new location is created by the office.


NOTE: The Add Job function is not to be found in the mobile app.

To create a new job, open the menu on the appointment list in the tablet application:

Then choose 'Add Job' from the menu that appears:

To create a new job, select the job type, service location, and initial appointment date, time, and duration:

Press Save to create the new job and its initial appointment.  You may then add services, job items, etc to that appointment.

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