Add Contacts in Tablet

It is now possible for technician users to add new contacts when creating pre-work authorization and work acknowledgements in the tablet web application.

To add a new contact, simply click the 'plus' button next to the contact selector on the work authorization/work acknowledgement pages:

Then add the contact's name, type, and contact information.  After the contact is added, you can immediately choose that contact as the recipient of your authorization or acknowledgement.

Quote Template Terms and Conditions

You can now optionally choose a set of terms and conditions when adding or editing a quote template:

When a quote template with T&Cs is applied to a quote, the template's T&Cs are added to that quote (and the quote's previous T&Cs, if there were any, are removed).

Email Messages in History

You can now view the email message contents (recipients, subject, and message body) for any quote or Service Link that you sent to your customers.  To view a message, click the History button at the top of the job or quote page, then click the link in the history list entry for when that message was sent.

Email contents are available only for messages sent after mid-September 2017.

More Job Search Options

The ServiceTrade job list now includes several new special search options.  Previously you could search for jobs for which all appointments were complete.  With today's release, you can now search for several other special scenarios that might require special attention:

  • Unscheduled Appointments:  Jobs that have at least one unscheduled appointment
  • Incomplete Services:  Jobs that have at least one service that is not marked 'Complete'
  • All Appointments Complete but Incomplete Services: Jobs that have at least one service that is not marked 'Complete', but all appointments on that job ARE marked 'Complete'

Auto-Sync Jobs to Sage Intacct

Recently, ServiceTrade added the ability to manually sync jobs to projects in Sage Intacct.  With today's release, you can now sync jobs to Sage Intacct projects immediately when those jobs are created.

To enable auto-syncing, check the 'Automatically Sync New Jobs' box under the Project dimension setting section in your Sage Intacct settings page.

This option is available only if you have the Project dimension enabled.

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