Add Jobs for New Customers in Tablet

Recently we released the ability for technicians to add jobs in the tablet web application.  However, jobs could only be added for existing customer locations.  With this release, appropriately permissioned technicians can now create new customer locations and companies when adding jobs in the tablet.

To use this new capability, simply search the location list on the add job page.  If the location that you want to add isn't already in the list of locations in your account, press 'add a new location' to create that location.

You'll be prompted to enter more information about that location, including its name and address.  When you create a new location, a new company will also be created.  If the location and company information are different -- for instance, if the location's billing address is different than its service address, or if this location belongs to a multi-location company -- choose 'Location and billing addresses are different' and enter the additional information about the company.

IMPORTANT:  This feature is available only to technicians who have been granted the following permissions:  'Create Locations for Other Companies' and 'Create a New Company'.  Technicians who have not been granted these permissions will not see the 'add a new location' option in the location search results.

Other Improvements

Change External System Names

It's now possible to change the display and/or system name of any external system, such as Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, or Dexter Chaney.  To change the name of a system, go to the Account Settings page, click the green Configure button under the system that you want to change, then click 'Edit Name'.

Secondary Phone Numbers for Contacts in Tablet

You can now add secondary phone numbers (mobile, alternate phone) as well as a primary phone number when adding contacts in the technician tablet web application (

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