Job items -- the hours of labor that your technicians expend and the parts that they purchase and use -- are an important part of your record-keeping about the work that you perform for your customers.  Your back-office teams use that information to drive their inventory tracking, payroll, and other accounting processes.

However, the information that ServiceTrade has historically captured about job items often wasn't detailed enough to be useful for those processes, because the origins of those items -- what employee, truck, warehouse, or vendor they came from -- weren't being tracked.

With this release, it's now possible to assign a source to each of your job items.  The job source field is optional and can be used only for some job items, or not at all, as the needs of your business require.

In this release, two types of job item sources are available:

  • Technician - Associates the job item with a particular technician.  In combination with the 'used on' date field on job items, you can use the technician source to keep track of what employee, and what day, are associated with each labor entry.  You can then use that information to drive commissions and payroll.  

  • Reference Number - Associates the job item with a freeform text entry.  You can use this field to record vendor purchase order numbers, warehouse codes, or other information that you can use to drive your inventory, accounts payable, and other accounting processes.

The technician source is the default source for all labor items; all other types of items receive the reference number source by default.

The technican source should be considered an independent selection, and is not changed should you reschedule the job/services to another technician.

To set the source of a job item on the office job page, click Manage Job Items, then click the 'Select item source' box:

In the flyout that appears, you can either choose 'Reference #' and then enter your purchase order number, warehouse code, or other identifier...

...or choose 'Technician' and select a technician from the dropdown list that appears:

Technicians can enter their job item sources in the tablet web application:

When a technician adds a labor job item to a job, the 'Technician' source is automatically chosen, and they are automatically selected from the dropdown list of technicians.  So, with no extra effort by your technicians, the labor entries that they add through the tablet are associated with the correct day and employee.

Item source information is visible on each item in the Job Items section:

This information is also included in the 'Jobs and Job Items' export:

In future releases, we will add additional job item source types that support inventory and parts vendor functions, and use the information from those sources in our integration with Sage Intacct and other accounting systems.

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