Field Quoting

Many ServiceTrade customers have field technicians and sales staff that need to be able to quickly create and receive approval for quotes, without involving office staff. To meet those needs, appropriately permissioned users can now create quotes in the field using our tablet web application.

To create a new quote, simply choose 'Add Quote' from the tablet's main menu.

To view and edit the quotes that you're currently working on, choose 'My Quotes' in the main menu, then select the correct quote.

The process for creating quotes in the field is very similar to creating quotes in the standard office view:  you can edit the description, services, items, tags, and attachments.  To make the quote-building process as efficient as possible, both quote templates and service templates are available for you to use.

When the quote is ready for customer approval, simply send it to them by email for them to approve online, just as you would from the office.

IMPORTANT:  To create new quotes, you must be granted at least the 'View Quotes', 'Edit Quotes', and 'Request Quotes' activities.  To view and edit existing quotes, you must have at least the 'View Quotes' and 'Edit Quotes' activities.

  • To make it easier to quickly grant Field Quoting abilities to your desired technicians, we have added a new tech role: "Account Tech + Field Quoting". 
  • Like all additive tech roles, this requires the base Account Tech role also.
  • Note that sales-only staff (non-techs) can enjoy quoting in the field at no extra charge.  (We only charge for active technicians who are performing work in the field).

While Service Links are extremely valuable for showing your customers a record of the work that you have done for them -- details of services performed, pictures and videos, comments, and so forth -- now they can also be used to inform the customer about when you're scheduled to arrive at their location, and even which technicians are on site or en route.

To show details about your scheduled appointments to your customers, enable the 'Appointments' toggle on the 'Send Service Link' screen.

By default, displaying appointments is always disabled, so you have control over exactly when scheduling details are shown to your customers.

When appointment display is enabled, your customers will see a timeline-style display of all past, current, and upcoming appointments for this job.

IMPORTANT:  Only released appointments will be displayed in Service Links. Customers cannot see information about unreleased appointments, even if you have chosen to display appointments.  Please review this article for more information about releasing appointments to technicians.

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