Getting ready for the Digital Wrap Conference kept us pretty busy between August and November so we had a lot to catch you up on in this new features review.


Q. Is the Customer Portal only available with WordPress websites? Are GoDaddy websites supported?
A. Yes, you'll need Wordpress.  You can probably use GoDaddy for hosting, but the site will need to be built on WP.  You'll be happy that you made the change if you do! Of course you could always stand up a WordPress site *just* to host the Customer Portal, and theme it to match your existing website. Then, re-direct "" (for example) to the standalone WP site. Easier than switching everything to WP, though perhaps less consistent of an experience for your users.

Q. Is there a training video for technicians to learn how to create new jobs out in the field?
A. We have online certification courses at that should (or will soon if not currently) show this.

Q. Will we be able to hide cancelled jobs / appointments / quotes in the Customer Portal?
A. Canceled quotes don't appear, and canceled jobs/appointments *do* show up, with no way to hide them, so we are going to review that behavior internally for a future version of the portal as we aren't sure that is the desired behavior.

Q. If you have a company contact, does that automatically give that contact access to each location under that company in the Customer Portal?
A. Yes. If that's not what you want, just add the person as a contact to each Location you do want them to see, instead of as a Company contact.

Q. Do you have any plans to change the "Past Jobs to be marked Complete" field on the home screen? I would like to be able to select and view only certain types of jobs, not all jobs in that category.
A. Making the Dashboard more customizable is indeed on our long-term Roadmap, but is not likely to be a priority in 2018.

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