Time and Materials Quotes

One of the key features of ServiceTrade quotes is the ability to show your customer the amount they will pay for the quoted services to be delivered.  In some cases, however, this isn't desirable because the exact scope of work -- for instance, the specific number of hours of labor required -- can't be known ahead of time.

To support those use cases, ServiceTrade quotes now provide a 'Time and Materials' customer detail level.

When you use this detail level, your customer will see the unit price and (if you choose to provide it) the quantity of each line item, but they will not see line item totals or a grand total.  This allows you to build quotes without having to specify the quantities of the items that you will use, and therefore the total price that your customer will pay, while still giving the customer visibility into the item-level details of that quote.

When you share a Service Link with your customer, you give them access to a rich, living record of the work that you performed for them.  However, there may be cases where your customer may need to have a more document-like version of that Service Link:  to save in a work order or document management system, to view offline, or even to print out and store physically.

To support this need, all Service Links now provide a 'print' option that produces a Job Summary PDF document.  This document can then be saved or printed by your customer.

If you need to provide a job summary document to your customer instead of a Service Link, you can print the Service Link from the job page by clicking 'Send Service Link', then clicking the print icon on the Service Link preview that appears.

IMPORTANT:  ServiceTrade recommends sending your customer a Service Link (instead of a PDF document) whenever possible, so you can continue to collect data about when and how often your customers view the Service Links that you send them.

Job Syncing to QuickBooks Desktop

Users of ServiceTrade's QuickBooks Desktop integration may wish to use jobs in QuickBooks for job costing purposes.  However, previously that integration only created jobs in QuickBooks at the time of invoicing -- which meant that if you wanted to accumulate purchase orders and other costs against that job in QuickBooks before it was invoiced, you would need to create the job manually in QuickBooks -- a cumbersome and error-prone process.

With this release, you can now send ServiceTrade jobs to QuickBooks at any time in the job's lifecycle.  To send a job to QuickBooks, click on the Send button at the top of the job page, then choose the QuickBooks Desktop (QBWC) connection that you want to use.

IMPORTANT:  This option is available only for QuickBooks connections that use the 'Customer : Job', 'Customer : Location : Job', or 'Location : Job' customer mapping options.  Please see this article for more information about QuickBooks customer mapping options.

Release Jobs from Service Opportunities

When new jobs are created, their appointments are released (or not released) to your technicians automatically based on the 'Automatically Release Appointments' setting in your account settings.  However, you may have situations where you would like to automatically release appointments to some of your technicians, but not to others.

When creating new jobs using the Service Opportunities report, you can now change that behavior by checking (or unchecking) the new 'Automatically release appointments to technicians' checkbox. 

This option is available if you select any technician (or the 'Preferred Technicians' option) in the technician selector on the Service Opportunities report.

Please see this article for more information about releasing appointments to your technicians.

Add New Locations when Quoting in the Field

Recently we added the ability for your technicians to create quotes in the field using the tablet web application.  However, previously they could only create quotes for existing customers, not new customers.  With this release, appropriately permissioned technicians can now create new customer locations and companies when adding quotes in the tablet.

To use this new capability, simply search the location list on the add quote page.  If the location that you want to add isn't already in the list of locations in your account, press 'add a new location' to create that location.

IMPORTANT:  This feature is available only to technicians who have been granted the following permissions:  'Create Locations for Other Companies' and 'Create a New Company'.  Technicians who have not been granted these permissions will not see the 'add a new location' option in the location search results.

More Service Information in Scheduler Details Pane

You can now see information about individual services on any appointment shown on the scheduler map.  To see that information, open the 'Details' pane on the right side of the screen, then click on any pin on the map.

Visual Improvements

This ServiceTrade release includes improvements to the look and feel of many buttons and menus in ServiceTrade.  Button colors are now more intuitive, and more consistent from page to page.

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