It's now possible for appropriately permissioned technicians to view and edit tags on jobs, locations, and assets.  This will allow you to communicate more information with techs about current job workflow state, customer payment status, and other important information about the job that you record with tags.

Technicians who have been granted the 'View Tags' activity only will be able to see, but not make any changes to, the tags on a record.  Technicians who also have the 'Edit Tags' activity can remove existing tags or add tags that already exist in your ServiceTrade account, while technicians who also have the 'Manage Tags' activity can add any new tag (regardless of whether it already exists).

If you do not wish for your technicians to view/edit/manage tags, you should create a custom technician role that has NOT been granted the activities that you wish to prevent your technicians from accessing, or remove those activities from your existing custom technician roles.

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