Searchable Job Item List

Over the past few months, we have added the capability to track sources (warehouses, technicians, and reference numbers) and usage dates for your job items. However, until now it has been difficult to retrieve that information in a way that made it easy to use in your backend business processes.

With today's release, it's now possible to search, filter, and export job items so you can more easily use that information into your payroll, inventory, and other backend systems.

To view the job item list, simply navigate to the Jobs list in ServiceTrade, then click the 'Jobs' title in the jobs list and choose 'Job Items' in the menu that appears.

On the job item list, you can search by items by item name or item code, item type, service line, job number, source (technician, warehouse, etc), and used on date.

The results of your job item searches can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis or import into another system.  For instance, you could search for all items with a type of 'Parts' used between the first and last days of each month, then export the results, which you could then import as a bulk transaction into your inventory system.  Or, if your technicians track their labor with labor items on each job, you could bulk-import much of your technicians' payroll time entries by searching for all Labor items used in a given date range, then exporting the results and importing into your payroll system.

In-Person Approvals of Field Quotes

Recently we added the ability for your field technicians and/or salespeople to create quotes in the field using our tablet web application.  However, those quotes could only be approved via email, which made the approval process cumbersome if a customer representative who was authorized to approve your quote was available on site and could give approval right away.

With today's release, it's now possible for your technician or salesperson to review their quote with an on-site contact and obtain their signed approval, right from their tablet.

To review a quote with an on-site customer, simply choose 'Review with Customer' from the Actions menu on your quote:

Then choose the location or company contact who will sign the quote.  You can add a new contact by clicking the 'Add Contact' button in the upper right corner of the screen.

As with a work acknowledgement or pre-work authorization, your customer can then review your quote and acknowledge your terms and conditions...

...and then provide a signature to approve your quote.

Dispatch Board Hidden Techs Can Also Be Hidden on Scheduler

For offices which have many technicians, it may be difficult for schedulers and customer service users to focus on the specific technicians for whom they are responsible.  To address this need, the dispatch board supports hiding individual technicians so they do not appear in the technician schedule display.

With this release, the map scheduler tool also supports hiding those technicians.  If you have hidden technicians on your dispatch board, a show/hide icon will appear on the scheduler's list of technicians:

By clicking that icon, the technicians that you chose to hide on the dispatch board will also be hidden -- both from the technician list and on the map and schedule views -- on the scheduler as well.

PLEASE NOTE:   You cannot choose which individual technicians should be shown or hidden on the scheduler; you can only toggle the hidden techs on or off.  To add (or remove) technicians from your hidden technician list, you should use the dispatch board's hide technicians capability.

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