In this webinar, David Varnedoe and Shawn Mims show you how to setup a few visual reports using the QuickSight BI tool.


Q: Is QuickSight included in ServiceTrade subscription cost?

A: QuickSight access is available to Enterprise subscription customers.  It does require a separate QuickSight account, which is $9 per user per month, paid to Amazon.

Q:  Can you sign up for QuickSight even if you don’t have the Enterprises subscription?

A: No, this is an Enterprise-only feature.  However, you can sign up for QuickSight and use the standard ServiceTrade exports as the data source.  The process is manual to update, and you lose out on the pre-calculated fields included with the data warehouse.

Q: Can one of the dimensions in the field wells be a tag?
A: Currently, the data warehouse does not include information about tags.

Q: Can you segment by contract expiration date?

A: Not yet. However, we are constantly adding new data to the sources that QuickSight draws from.

Q: Does your service have routing/tracking software so the dispatch/arrival times for the SLA Response times are automatically entered into QuickSight? Or is all the data that goes into Data Warehouse entered manually? In addition, is there any data entered automatically? 

A: It should be possible to calculate SLA response times either by using scheduled appointment time or clock event information.

Q: How far into the future will recurring services project into the future? For example, if we have a quarterly service, how far into the future will it be projected out?  Just the next one service? infinite services into the future?

A: Recurring services will project to the end of next year. For example, in January 2018, recurring services will project until December of 2019. In November of 2019, they will project until December of 2020. For more details, see the ServiceTrade Data Warehouse Dataset Reference support article.

Q: We have 2 companies. Can data from both of our ServiceTrade accounts be combined so we can run unified report with QuickSight?

A: Sort of. The data warehouses for each ServiceTrade account can be connected to a single QuickSight account. An analysis can include visualizations created from data in each warehouse, but not both at the same time. For example, a visualization could include a chart/graph with data from one account and another chart/graph representing the same information fed from the data in the other account.

Q: Does this data update automatically?

A: Yes, the data will refresh every four hours.

Q: Can you create calculated fields and if so how do I learn about the language used

A: Yes, and there are a lot of QuickSight usage tutorials and videos provided by Amazon.  It's very similar to Excel-style formulas.

Q: Any chance you could give us a "template" that would be a representation of a Tech Score Card?

A:  We have several visualizations in the Amazon QuickSight Sample Visualizations support article that include tech-related data. If you don’t have time to build reports yourself and you’d like us to help you out, we offer paid services to help you build the analyses and visualizations you’d like in your QuickSight account..

Q: Can we group the service line to big group(suppression, sprinkler, fire alarm)

A: You can create a calculated field with and “if” statement that will group lines.

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