ServiceTrade now allows you to present custom logos and names to your customers, on an office by office basis, using custom brands.  A 'brand' contains a display name and a logo.  If you give your brand a display name, your customer will see that name instead of your company's name.

To view and edit your brands, go to My Account -> My Company and open the new 'Brands' section:

By default, your customers will always see your default brand (tagged with the word 'Default').  However, you can associate alternate brands with individual offices. For instance, if your operations in the state of Texas need to operate under a different name for legal reasons, you can assign that name (and, if you wish, a special logo) to that brand and then use it for your Texas office:

Any logos -- company-wide or office-specific -- that you previously had in your ServiceTrade account have been automatically converted into brands.  You do not need to take any action to use those logos as you used them before.  However, you can now add custom display names to those brands, or add more brands, as required for the needs of your business.

To learn more about custom branding in ServiceTrade,  see this support article.

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