One of the most important parts of your Digital Wrap is the brand that you present to your customer.  That brand -- your name, logo, brand promise, etc -- is presented to your customers not only on your technician uniforms and truck wrap, but also on the impressions that your customers receive as a result of their interactions with your ServiceTrade data:  quotes, Service Links, notification emails, and so forth.

While you should generally have a single, consistent brand identity that you present to your customers, there are some cases where it's desirable to give different customers different brand experiences.  For instance, when you acquire a competitor you may continue to use their existing brand for their legacy customers to leverage their brand equity.  Or, your jurisdiction may require that you present different a different company identity for your different lines of business.

When you initially created your ServiceTrade account, a default brand was automatically created for you.  However, you can add as many additional brands to your ServiceTrade account as you wish, and then assign individual brands to your offices.

To view and edit your brands, go to My Account -> My Company and open the new 'Brands' section:

To add a new brand, click the 'Add Brand' button:

Your brand can have the following properties:

Name - An internal name for your reference.  Customers will not see this name.
Display Name - The name that your customers will see instead of your company name.  If you leave this blank, your customers will see your company name instead.
Web Site - The web site for this brand.  You should enter the full web address, including http:// or https://
Details - You can use this field to display your brand promise, additional contact information, licensing details, or other high-value information for your brand that your customer should see.  The content of this field should be 100 characters or less.
Logo - The logo that your customers will see.

Your company will always have a default brand.   If you wish, you can also assign brands to some or all of your offices.  If an office has a brand, then customers for that office will see that brand's display name/logo any time they interact with that office (quotes, Service Links, etc).

To assign an alternate brand to an office, click the 'Choose Brand' button on the office page:

Then select the brand that you wish to use:

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