In this new features webinar, we walk through the new elements on the Job page, new handy-dandy lists, changes in Service Links, a faster Customer Portal, and even more amazing enhancements. Scroll below the video for Q&A from the live webinar.


Q: How will we create new recurring services if there is no more “New Service” button?

A: The location page still has the "Add Service" button so there no change to that behavior.

Q: Will the page refresh feature be applied eventually to the location page? 

A: Yes. We intend to update the location page with the same underlying infrastructure so that edits will not result in a page refresh.

Q: On the new job page, the "next due" service section seems to be greyed out. It would be really nice to be able to change the service next due date from this page instead of having to open the location page if a change is needed. 

A: That's a feature we were blocked from adding until we fixed the underlying infrastructure and framework of the page. We hope to add that particular feature sooner than later.

Q. The map on the new job page is playing hard to get; it won't zoom, it won't pan around, it just stares at me like I'm not even there!

A. This is the new and improved map experience, where it doesn't do anything and always disappoints you.  Just kidding, we're planning on bringing back the interactive map, it was just expensive and we didn't want it to hold up a beta roll-out of the new page. We hear you though, the old map was so much cooler than this new strong, silent type.

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