Advanced Dashboard Filtering

With today's release, it's now possible to customize your dashboard view to be filtered to one or more offices, job types, and/or service lines.  This allows users to tailor their dashboard to meet their specific needs -- to focus only on fire alarm service calls for the Asheville office, for instance.

To manage your dashboard filters, simply click the filter button in the upper right corner of the dashboard:

Then choose the offices, job types, and service lines that interest you, then click Filter Dashboard:

You can jump to the dashboard for a single office at any time simply by clicking the link to the right of each office name:

Deficiency Owners

You can now assign any user as the owner of a deficiency.  To assign a deficiency owner, edit that deficiency and choose the user in the Owner field:

The assigned owner will be visible when you view the deficiency:

The owner is also viewable and searchable on the deficiency list:

It is also included in deficiency exports, and is gettable/settable via the ServiceTrade deficiency API endpoint.

Send Work Acknowledgements to Contacts

Your technicians can now send a copy of a signed work acknowledgement to any location contact at the service location, using the technician tablet web application.

To send the work acknowledgement email to someone who is not already in this location's contact list, click 'Add Contact' to add them.

Add Multiple Quotes to the Same Job

Previously it was possible to add quoted work to existing jobs, but with one caveat:  The "target" job could not have itself come from a quote.  This limited your ability to generate change orders and create followup or incremental quotes for quoted deficiency repairs, installations, etc.

With this release, you can now add the services from an approved quote to any open job at the quoted location, regardless of whether the job came from a previous quote.  To add a quote to an existing job, click 'Add to Existing Job' on the approved quote, then select the job from the list that appears.  

IMPORTANT:  Note that, in the case of a pricing conflict between the target job's initial quote and the new quote, the new quote's prices will be used.  For instance:

Quote 1:  3 widgets for $5 each
Quote 2: 2 widgets for $6 each

If a job is initially created from Quote 1, and then Quote 2 is later added to the job, then the resulting job will have 5 widgets, and when that job is invoiced, all 5 widgets will be priced at $6 each.

More New Features and Improvements

  • Maximum estimated duration of services is now 400 hours
  • Web page addresses in company and location comments are now displayed as clickable links
  • New beta job page's location map can now be panned/zoomed
  • Improvements to deficiency API endpoint, including embedded location object and support for DELETE.
  • Bugfixes
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