Advanced Labor Cost Management

Technician-Specific Labor Costs

Managing job costs and gross margins is a critical part of many ServiceTrade users' workflows.  With this release, it's now possible to define your labor costs on a technician-by-technician basis, so your cost and margin calculations can be as accurate useful as possible.

To assign labor costs to a technician, log into ServiceTrade as an administrator and go to that technician's user profile page.  Open the new 'Labor Costs' section to edit the list of available labor cost items:

To set a technician's cost for a given labor item, simply type that cost into the 'Hourly Cost' box for that labor item, then click 'Save Labor Costs'.

To use that technician-specific cost, add that labor item to any job, then choose the technician as the source for that labor item:

The unit cost for that job item will now be updated with the cost that you assigned to that specific technician, which in this example is higher than the standard cost for this labor item:

When a technician adds a labor item to a job using the technician tablet web application, that technician is automatically assigned as the source for that item, so that technician's cost will automatically be applied as well, with no extra effort required for the technician.

Fine-Grained Cost Permission Controls

Because not all users should be able to see your technicians' labor costs -- particularly when you have specific costs for each technician that reflect their compensation packages -- it is now possible to grant users permission to see and edit costs for labor items, costs for non-labor items (parts, services, fees), or both.

For instance, if you want your technicians to see and edit the costs for items that they purchase, but you do not want those technicians to see other technicians' costs (or their own), you would assign a role to those technicians that gives them 'View and Edit Non-Labor Item Costs', but NOT 'View and Edit Item Costs'.

IMPORTANT:  Only users who are granted both the labor and non-labor item cost activities can see gross margins on quotes, jobs, and invoices. 

Job List Improvements

For many ServiceTrade users, the job description contains critical information that helps them identify and understand the purpose of each job at a glance.  It's now possible to see that job description in job lists in both the office web application and technician tablet web application.

Only the first line of the job description is shown -- simply hover your mouse over the description to read its entire contents. 

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