Item List No Longer Requires Service Lines

Previously, each item on your item list in ServiceTrade was required to have a service line.  However, some items created by ServiceTrade users are common across many service lines -- labor, generic parts such as pipe and cabling, fees, etc.

To support the use of such items, it's now possible to create items in your ServiceTrade item list that have no service line assignment:

This allows you to use a single item -- in this case, 'LABOR-STD', for jobs across your organization.

IMPORTANT:  When you use one of your item list items on a job, quote, or invoice, you still must choose a service line.  For instance, if you were to add the 'LABOR-STD' item to a job, you would have to specify the service line for that particular use of LABOR-STD, because on this particular job you know what sort of work this labor is associated with (HVAC, sprinkler, etc).  This in turn allows you to organize your job and quote data by service line to perform cost and revenue analyses, manage your margins, and so forth.

QuickBooks Classes

You can now use ServiceTrade to organize your invoice line item data in QuickBooks Desktop using Classes.  These classes then allow you to create more fine-grained reports in QuickBooks to analyze your financial performance.

To enable QuickBooks class mapping, choose the mapping option you want for the 'Invoice Item Class Mapping' setting:

Three class mapping options are available:

  • Job Type:  each QuickBooks invoice item's class will be mapped to the job type of the invoice's ServiceTrade job ("Service Call", "Priority Inspection", etc)
  • Invoice Item Service Line:  each QuickBooks invoice item's class will be mapped to the name of the service line associated with the ServiceTrade invoice item ("Fire Suppression", "Commercial Plumbing", etc)
  • Invoice Item Type:  each QuickBooks invoice item's class will be mapped to the ServiceTrade invoice item type ("Labor", "Part", etc)

IMPORTANT:  You must enable class mapping in QuickBooks Desktop to make use of this feature.  See the help documentation for your version of QuickBooks Desktop for more information on enabling Classes.  The class names that you choose in QuickBooks must exactly match the job type, service line, or item type in ServiceTrade.

IMPORTANT:  This feature is available for QuickBooks Desktop only, not QuickBooks Online.

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