With today's release, ServiceTrade now offers greatly expanded contact management capabilities.  Previously, you could only associate a contact with a single service location or a single company.  It is now possible to search and manage your contacts from a list, create new contacts and associate them with as many locations and/or companies as you wish, and assign existing contacts to locations and companies.

To view your contact list, simply go to the Customers menu option and choose 'Contacts' (note that the pre-existing 'Contracts' option has been renamed 'Service Contracts').

From the contacts list, you can search for contacts by their name, email address, and phone number, or by the name of any location and/or company with which they are associated.

Click on the name of any contact to view that contact's details.  To edit the contact details (name, email address, phone numbers, etc), click the pencil icon.

You can add or remove associations to existing locations and companies by clicking the 'Add to Location' and 'Add to Company' buttons.

You can also associate an existing contact with a location or company from that location's or company's page.  To do this, click on the 'Contacts' icon on that record page:

Then click 'Add Existing Contact' in the contact window that appears:

Then search for and select the contact that you wish to use:

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