Appointment List

With today's release, it is now possible to directly search for appointments, and view a list of appointments that match that search.  You can search for appointments by date range, status, service line, job type, customer, service location, office, released status, and technician assignments.

To view the appointments list, choose 'Jobs' from the top-level menu, then choose 'Appointments' from the list menu:

Bulk Assignment of Job Owners

Previously, any jobs created through our Service Opportunities bulk job creation feature were automatically assigned to the user who created them.   With today's release, you can now choose the job owner for any batch of jobs created via Service Opportunities.

By default, jobs that you create using Service Opportunities will still be assigned to you.  To change the job ownership assignment, simply change your name to the name of the desired job owner in the new 'Job Owner' field when creating your jobs:

Invoice Notes Improvements
The invoice notes field now supports more quick add options.  In addition to the existing 'Job Description', 'Job Type', and 'Job Services' shortcuts, there are now two new shortcuts:

  • 'Job Technicians' - a list of all technicians assigned to appointments on this invoice's job
  • 'Public Job Comments' - the content of all the public comments added to this invoice's job.  Comments attached to the job's location and/or customer are not included (even if they are public), nor are private comments.  Scheduling and technician comments are included if they are public (visible to everyone). 

More Changes

  • The quote view has been improved so your customers will have a better experience when viewing your quotes on phones and small tablets.
  • The user list now includes a column for each user's office assignment
  • The items and prices import can now be used to update costs as well as prices when imported with the update_price_only flag.  Read more about item and price imports here.
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