Dashboard Technician Current Location Filter

The ServiceTrade dashboard is a great way to see what your technicians are doing at a glance -- but if you have many clock in/out activities every day, it could be difficult to see where they are right now.

To make it easier to find your technicians' current locations quickly, it's now possible to filter the dashboard Recent Clock Events list to show only the last clock in/out for each technician.  To see only the current position of each technician, click the 'Current tech locations only' toggle at the top of the Recent Clock Events list.

More Job List Exception Searches

The job list now has more search options to help you find jobs where something exceptional has happened, or an action needs to occur.  Using the 'Jobs With' filter on the job list, the following search options are now available:

  • All Appointments Complete - finds jobs where all non-canceled appointments are complete.  When combined with a job status of 'Scheduled', this filter finds jobs where all work is finished and are now ready for review, completion, and invoicing.
  • Unscheduled Appointments - finds jobs with an unscheduled appointment.  When combined with a job status of 'Scheduled', this filter finds jobs that have a mix of scheduled and unscheduled appointments.
  • Incomplete Services - finds jobs with at least one incomplete service.
  • All Appointments Complete but Incomplete Services - useful for finding jobs where the technicians completed all appointments, but indicated that some services could not be completed.
  • All Services Complete but Incomplete Appointments - useful for finding jobs where the technicians said that all services could be completed, but did not say that all appointments were completed.

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