ServiceTrade's Service Link emails include information about all of a job's appointments by default.  For instance, if you have a job with three scheduled appointments, the Service Link email will include the dates of all three in the subject line and message body.

However, there may be times when including information about all appointments is not desirable.  You may wish to email your customer specifically about a single appointment on a given job -- for instance, if you use Service Links to confirm tomorrow's appointments.  To support these uses, it's now possible to choose to include details about all appointments or a single appointment in your Service Link emails -- or to not mention specific appointment dates/times at all.

By default, all appointments are included in the email message, just as they were before:

However, you can choose a specific appointment to mention in the email:

Or you can choose to not mention any specific appointment dates/times in your email message at all:

When a specific appointment is selected for a Service Link email, calendar invitations links are added to the bottom of your email message.  These links let your email recipients easily add your appointment as an event on their calendar with one click:

Links are available for Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and iCal (supported by most other calendar systems).

IMPORTANT:  These calendar links simply create an event with your appointment's details on your recipient's Google or Outlook calendar.  Subsequent changes to the appointment in ServiceTrade will not be applied to your customer's Google or Outlook calendar (you should send an updated Service Link if you reschedule), and changes made by your customer on their calendar will not be reflected on your appointment in ServiceTrade.

See this article for more information about Service Links.

More Filtering Options on Service Opportunities

In addition to the existing 'Approved Services' and 'All Services' options on the Service Opportunities filter, two new options are now available:

Recurring Services: Shows all available recurring services except those associated with unapproved quotes
One-Time Services: Shows all available one-time-services except those associated with unapproved quotes

See this article for more information about creating jobs using Service Opportunities.

Region-Specific Blank Paperwork Rules

You may have cases where you need to complete a certain paperwork document in a specific geographical area:  for instance, a form required by the fire marshal in a certain city, or special paperwork that you need to include for reference on any job in a certain state.  To support those cases, it is now possible to create blank paperwork rules that apply to a specific region.

See this support article for more information about blank paperwork, and this webinar recording for more information about creating regions in your ServiceTrade account.

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