It's been a while since we demonstrated new features in the ServiceTrade app so we had a lot to cover including:

• Bulk messaging
• Additions to Service Links
• Advanced contact management
• More filtering options to see what you want to see

Here's the recording in its entirety.  


Is there a way to add one contact to multiple locations in bulk? As opposed to adding the contact one location at a time?

Hmmm, that's a great question.  Currently no, but that sounds like a great Bulk Import tool for us to add and dev informs that this is on our roadmap.  If you’re interested in my team creating a custom tool for you to do this in the meantime, please reach out to and we can quote that for you.

Is there a way to have a specific mark-up percentage for certain items?

No, markup is global.  I'd be curious to know the scenario that you'd want different markups for different items, rather than solely as a function of cost.  However, dev informs me that item-specific markup amounts is something we have on our roadmap, so we do plan on working on that.

Is it possible to attach a PDF document to a contract?

Not yet, but I could certainly see the usefulness of that.  We've always suggested Location Documentation as the place to put attachments like a signed contract PDF, but it sure could be useful on the actual contract itself.  There are probably some display and access concerns to be dealt with of course.

Having problems with the pictures uploading to the app.

We have identified and are actively fixing a problem with loading a large amount of pictures to the app.  I believe this fix will be out very soon, but make sure you have the latest version as we did just release some updates earlier this week.

Is there an option to turn off the ability for a Tech to view completed jobs?

They'll only see completed Appointments, but once the Job is fully completed, then it will disappear.  So, technically no, you can't hide the Completed Appointments view, but if you mark the Job complete quickly, it will have a similar effect.

Will notifications allow you to pick which contact receives it and how (email versus text message)?

Not yet, because we don't have text messaging yet, but once we allow for multiple communication methods we plan on allowing you to specify communication preference for each contact.

When the technicians take photos/videos will that only save to the job, or can that save to their device as well?

If they take photos/videos in the app, it only saves in the app.  If they take it with their device's camera roll, then upload it to the app (via the Share feature), it will live in both places.

What's the future look like for the mobile app when no cellular or wifi connectivity?

Long term - controlled sync of a reasonable amount of information.  Short term - slowly rolling out more features that support some type of offline usage that currently require Internet.

Any alpha sort/filter on jobs on the mobile app?

Just the standard sorting options, but we plan on adding a search feature to the Appointments list.

What information is sent to the customer when you send a notify customer when the tech is enroute? Is is an email or text message? And does it send it to the primary contact or all contacts associated with the location?

It's an email that contains a service link and appointment information.  The best thing to do is to test this by adding yourself as a Contact to a Location, then have a tech send you an enroute notification.  The tech can choose which contacts to send the notification to.

Am I able to specify which contact gets a notification that the tech is on route? Will all contacts be visible? Or just the primary?

The technician sees all Contacts associated with that Location and can choose whom to send to.  All Contacts with an email on them (because otherwise we can't email them from the app).

So if a contact only has a phone number, it won't show up on their app?

Yes it will show up under Contacts, but not for sending enroute notifications.

Are we going to need to pay for the certification now that it's been updated?

Not if you already had paid access to the previous course, no.

I missed what the Service Trade Office Certification Covers, can you repeat please?

Check out for a full overview of all our course offerings.  Each course has a description and a list of all subject matter before you purchase.

How many Techs are covered under the $199.00/year for Tech certification?

It's a per-user price, but if you buy the Tech cert for all of your techs, then all of your staff and admin users get access to all the courses for free.

Are there ways that folks use ST to allow techs to self report and track commissionable items used on jobs and therefore commissions due to them for that week?

Reach out to and we can discuss some custom tools that we've developed for Customers, but there is nothing built into the app.

Having a enterprise account is for the tech certification course, of which you can get a discount for it?

Enterprise is a tier of ServiceTrade itself, rather than being related to the certification courses themselves.  You can learn more at

Regarding the en-route notification. On the previous app, it showed which contact was the primary, when picking which contact to send the notification to. Is that something that can be added to the new app as well?

Fair point and good feedback, I'll pass that along.

When will notifications look at where the truck is and current traffic conditions to the location and provide an ETA as part of the notification message?

I think you’re describing the moment when the machines rise up and destroy us . . . but seriously, it’s a great idea and totally possible with the technology we have today.  I’ll put a bug in Brian’s ear about this.

Shipping. We mark up items less than $100 by 400%. We don't want to do that with shipping or freight costs.

Dev informs me that item-specific markup amounts is something we have on our roadmap, so we do plan on working on that.

I think the question was where they access the job filtering?

All of these extra searches are available from the Jobs menu item.  In the top left, you can switch from Jobs to Clock Events, Job Items, or Appointments.

Can the calendar links in the Service Link email be bigger?

I believe that’s a pretty standard size for web apps that use that UX design, but I’ll pass that along because it could probably be bumped up in size.

Are Invoices sent through Service Link?

The invoice is sent the same as always, which is an email containing a PDF of the invoice.  We may try to incorporate the service link into it in some way in the future.

I usually send a Service Link to the specific locations we serviced the night before, but each link goes to a specific person. How would bulk messaging help? Is it different from the Service Link?

It would allow you to send all those Service Links for the different jobs right from the search page, all at once, rather than having to go into each Job to send the Service Link for that job.  It would still go to the specific person for that Job/Location.

We have a contract already and prices vary with locations. Is there a way to create a contract individually for each location? Also, we invoice using different programs for different companies.

Yes, Contracts can be assigned to a single Location if you desire, and you can then define only the exceptions you want to apply to that Location, while other prices can be inherited from a Company or Default contract above that Location-specific contract.

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