If you are unable to scan paperwork in the mobile app or are reviewing a job and find uploaded paperwork that is garbled or unreadable, take these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Normally this is caused by the tech having something other than the paper in the image (usually a clipboard) when scanning paperwork using the mobile app.

  2. You can always see the original image that was taken by the tech on the Job page by clicking on the image under the Job Paperwork section.

  3. You can roll your mouse over the image and click the little pencil icon to "re-crop" the image properly by dragging the blue dots to mark the corners of the paper.

  4. You can also see why the image isn't being properly processed by our system; look for extraneous background stuff, and then show the techs how to place the paper on a solid (or as close to solid as they can) background with nothing in it, clipboards included.

Updated 11/15/18

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