Salesperson Tracking

With today's release, you can now add your salespeople to ServiceTrade and then assign them to jobs and quotes.  You can then use that information to assign and monitor ownership and accountability for services in your organization, and to assist in the process of allocating commissions.

Once you've assigned salespeople to your jobs and quotes, you can then search your quote and job lists for salesperson assignments.  Exports of the job, quote, and invoice lists now include salesperson assignments, and coming soon, Enterprise customers will be able to analyze their jobs and quotes by salesperson in their QuickSight data warehouse as well.  You can also filter the ServiceTrade dashboard by salesperson.

In future releases, you'll be able to add salesperson assignments to more records in ServiceTrade, including deficiencies and quotes.

For more information about how to manage salespeople in ServiceTrade, please review this support article.

IMPORTANT:  Only users to whom you have granted the 'Manage Salesperson Assignments' activity are allowed to add and change the salesperson on jobs and quotes.  By default, only account administrators have this activity.

Appointment List Export

You can now export the ServiceTrade appointment list to CSV.  Two export options are available:

  • Appointments - one row per appointment
  • Appointments and Services - one row per service (each appointment may have multiple rows)

Access to this export option is granted by the same activity as exporting the job list ('Bulk Export Job Data').

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