Salesperson Assignment on Service Opportunities

Our most recent release included the ability for you to indicate which users are salespeople, and assign those salespeople to your jobs and quotes.  Today's release extends that capability by allowing you to assign salespeople to jobs that you create in bulk through ServiceTrade's Service Opportunities report.  

This capability is available only to users who have been granted the 'Manage Salesperson Assignments' activity.

For more information about managing and assigning jobs and quotes to your salespeople, please see this support article.

Manage Job Vendor Bill Attachments

You can now manage job vendor bill attachments (PDFs, spreadsheets, etc) on your jobs.  You can use this capability to capture receipts and bills from your parts vendors when you purchase parts, as well as bills from subcontractors or other vendors who participate in the delivery of your services.

Regardless of your account's default attachment visibility setting, vendor bill attachments are always private to your company by default.

To add a vendor bill attachment to a job, choose the 'Vendor Bill' purpose when adding an attachment to a job using ServiceTrade's v2 mobile applications, or select that purpose when adding an attachment through the web user interface:

Vendor bill attachments will appear in their own section in the job attachments section of the job page.

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