Search Appointments List by Due Date

It's now possible to search your appointment list by a due date range:

You can use this capability to create a list of upcoming, but not yet scheduled, appointments to whom you would like to send reminder notifications, and then use our Service Link bulk messaging capability to send notifications to the entire list.

Clock Events List Improvements

You can now search for all clock events performed by any technician belonging to a selected office:

The clock events export (accessible by clicking Export to Spreadsheet from the Clock Events list) now includes the following additional columns:

  • job_type
  • tech_office
  • location_address
  • location_city
  • location_state
  • location_postalcode
  • location_lat
  • location_lon
  • clock_in_lat
  • clock_in_lon
  • clock_out_lat
  • clock_out_lon

Deficiency Page Shows Canceled Quotes

In some cases, you may wish to see not only the open and accepted quotes for a given deficiency, but also the quotes that your customer did not elect to perform.  To support that need, canceled and rejected quotes are now shown on the deficiency page's list of quotes.

To view canceled and rejected quotes, open the quotes section for any deficiency, then click the 'Show Canceled' button.  To go back to the original view of quotes (which shows only open and accepted quotes), click 'Hide Canceled'.

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