Send Quotes in Bulk

With today's release, it's now possible to send notifications to your customers about quotes in bulk.  This allows you to easily send followup reminders to your customers about their outstanding quotes, ensuring that you stay at the top of their inbox.

To send quote messages, go to the Quotes list in ServiceTrade, and perform a search for the quotes for which you want to send a message.  Select the checkbox next to each quote that you want to send.   You can select individual quotes or click the checkbox at the top of the list to quickly choose all quotes shown on the screen:

Once you've selected some quotes, click the gear icon at the top of the list and select 'Send to Customer':

In the popup window that appears, you can add a custom message that you would like to be included in ALL the quote messages that will be sent.  You can choose whether to include total prices in your message, and whether to require a purchase order for quote approval; both choices will be also applied to ALL the quotes that will be sent:

Then click 'Send' to send your messages.

IMPORTANT:  When sending quotes from the quote list, a message will be sent to every contact for the quote's location AND customer.  To control which specific contacts receive a message, go to the quote, click Send to Customer, and choose the contacts who should receive your message and send quote.

IMPORTANT:  This feature is enabled only for paid ServiceTrade accounts.  For questions about enabling this feature, please contact ServiceTrade support at

Assign Salesperson to Quotes in the Field

Your field technicians can now use our field quoting feature to assign (or reassign) the salesperson responsible for a quote.  You may want to use this feature in cases where your field technician is responsible for starting the process of building a quote while on site at the customer's location, but then hands the quote off to an internal salesperson to complete the work.

To edit the salesperson assigned to a quote, touch the chevron to the right of the quote details:

Then choose the salesperson:

IMPORTANT:  Only users to whom you have granted the 'Manage Salesperson Assignments' activity are allowed to add and change the salesperson on quotes.  By default, only account administrators have this activity.  To allow your field technicians to assign salespeople to quotes in the field, create a custom role in your ServiceTrade account, grant the 'Manage Salesperson Assignments' activity to it, and then assign that role to all your technicians.

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