In this article, we will cover the three steps you will need to take for your tablets to work great with ServiceTrade.  First we are going to add the ServiceTrade tablet view to your home screen, and last, install some additional software

1. Install ServiceTrade app 

The ServiceTrade app is for clocking in/out, viewing job details, and performing other tasks while on the job.  Get the app here:

 ServiceTrade for Android

 ServiceTrade for iOS

2. Add ServiceTrade tablet view to home screen.

Note - the tablet web view provides the final work acknowledgment and any special forms for the job.  


For Android: 

1) Navigate to app.servicetrade.com/tablet# using Google Chrome.  You should be at the login screen.  If not, sign out of ServiceTrade.

2) Click options in the top right of Chrome (3 vertical dots), then click "Add to home screen" (see attached image).

3) Return to the home screen. Find ServiceTrade icon. Tap and hold for 1-2 seconds.  You may now drag the icon to wherever desired.


For iOS: 

1) Navigate to app.servicetrade.com/tablet# using Safari or Google Chrome.  You should be at the login screen.  If not, sign out of ServiceTrade.

2) Touch the Share button to the right of the URL bar (Square with an Up arrow). Within this dropdown menu touch the 'Add to Home Screen' button.  Touch 'Add' again when prompted. 

3) This will add a WebApp link to the tablet view of Service Trade.  (Note the difference in the icon.  The WebApp icon will have a small cloud symbol in the top left).

4) Acquire complementary apps for blank paperwork.

If you are using blank paperwork (additional PDF forms automatically attached to jobs, based on rules you specify), you will need to follow the below steps.


For Android:

  • Install Adobe Reader
  • Install OI File Manager (if you do not have Downloads)
  • Configure OI File Manager
  • Open the OI File Manager app
  • Accept the EULA
  • Tap the three dots in the top right menu
  • Tap Settings
  • Set “Sort By” to “Last Modified”
  • Uncheck “In Ascending Order"
  • The above steps for the file manager are the same for many others, should you choose a different file manager.


For iOS:

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