Deficiency Notification Improvements

Previously, you could only receive notifications for inoperable deficiencies. It is now possible to receive notifications for all deficiencies, regardless of severity.

To receive notifications for all deficiencies, click on your avatar picture in the upper right corner of the ServiceTrade web application, then choose "My Profile". On your user profile page, open the "Notifications" section and subscribe to the "Deficiency Reported" notification.

Also, for both the "Deficiency Reported" and "Inoperable Deficiency Reported" notifications, you can now choose from three different levels of scope: "All Locations" (deficiencies at any location in your account), "Locations for my office" (deficiencies at locations that are assigned to your office), and "Only my jobs" (deficiencies reported on jobs for which you are the assigned owner).

You can mix and match these notifications to meet the requirements of your workflow. For instance, you may choose to have all members of your team receive an inoperable deficiency notification for all locations for their office, since those deficiencies are the most urgent and need immediate attention, but you may wish to have your team members subscribe to regular deficiency notifications (which will be less urgent, but more frequent) only for their jobs.

You can combine the deficiency notifications with email filtering rules to achieve very fine-grained deficiency notification controls.

Improved Quote Template Interface

We have improved the capabilities of the quote template interface to align with the new quote builder interface that we released earlier this year. The new quote template interface very closely resembles the service template interface, and includes a rich text editor for adding headers, underline, boldface, and other styles to your quote template descriptions.

To use the new quote template interface, click on the "Quotes" menu at the top of the ServiceTrade web application and choose "Quote Templates".

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