Here's the webinar recording from Wednesday, August 17th. You can see all the wonderful questions, and our answers, below the video. Some of the questions that were answered in-depth during the webinar are not written out below, so you need to watch the video AND read the Q&A for the full First Class Experience.

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Cascading Comments 

Q. How do company comments cascade? A. Company comments cascade to locations and jobs if they are set to be a technician or scheduling note.

Q. How about adding a contact at company level and having that cascade to all locations, providing access to the Service Portal, and then be able to designate that contact to automatically get all work acknowledgements?
A. We plan to enable company contact cascading to locations and jobs associated with that company soon. Company contacts can already access information about all of their locations via the the Service Portal. Communication preferences for contacts is a feature we are considering for next year.

Q. It would be so helpful if documents cascaded.
A. Great idea! We will take this into consideration.

Service Portal

Q. Will the customer be able to book service on their own?
A. Not with this version of the customer portal. We are looking at expanding the customer portal to expand how your customers can engage with you via the portal to reduce labor and increase the self-service capabilities you can offer your customers. However, this is possible via a Zapier integration which is outlined in this support article.


Q. Can you change approved quotes?
A. Yes, you can reopen the quote to make edits if there is not a job for the quote yet.

Q. Will there be company level quotes?
A. We don't have any plans to implement this in the near future. This poses very large technical challenges.

Job Costing & Gross Margin

Q. Is there a way to set the margin that you would like to sell the items at, based off of the item's cost?
A. Not yet. We are looking into ways to incorporate that type of functionality via contracts.

Q. Is there an option to turn off the job costing screen if we're not using it?
A. Job costing is permission based so you can remove the permission your users to remove it from their view.

Q. Does cost display to the customer?
A. Cost does not display to the customer.

Q. Does the job cost compare labor bid vs time on site?
A. In a way. Time spent on sight is easily accessible, especially when closing out a job, which can be compared to the quantity of labor items (hrs) actually used on the job.

Q. Any reporting available to see gross margins on jobs?
A. Yes. Gross margin is included in the invoice export.

Q. How do item costs integrate with our accounting system?
A. Currently, job cost information does not integrate with any accounting system out of the box. Generally, we view the costing features available in ServiceTrade as an alternative to your accounting system for management accounting, but not financial accounting. In other words, you can use either system, but we do not recommend using both to solve your job-costing, management-accounting problems. You will still need to enter payroll and POs in your accounting system, but you can, optionally, use ServiceTrade to track job costs in order to provide visibility to non-accounting staff who do not have access to the accounting system and need that information.


Q. How has the default list of assets displayed on the tablet view changed?
A. Previously, we displayed all assets at the location, regardless of their relation to the job. Now, the view defaults to assets associated with the job, but it is easy for tech to view any of the other assets at the location.

Q. My techs are entering the same deficiencies at each service because they don’t know if it has been added in the past.
A. The mobile app displays all past reported deficiencies so they should have access to that information.

Q. When will notification that tech is on the way be available for android mobile?
A. We do not have a definite timeline for this feature yet.

Q. Can you put location level deficiencies on service link? All the deficiencies I see on the service link are only for that job. Can the service link bring all the "un-fixed" deficiencies to every service link?
A. We plan to expand the Service Link so that your customer can access all of the location information they need including quotes, asset information, and even past jobs.

Q. In the future will suggestions be filed not as a deficiency?
A. We do not have any plans for the in the short-term roadmap.

Q. Is there a way that you guys can add another column under the customer's job page. I would like to see a service description added to past jobs completed. It would make for a fast and easy reference when searching for something done on a past job.
A. Thanks for the idea. We will take this into consideration.

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