Here's the webinar recording from Thursday, December 1st. You can see all the fantastical questions, and our answers, below the video. Some of the questions that were answered in-depth during the webinar are not written out below, so you need to watch the video AND read the Q&A for the Platinum Double-Diamond Experience.

Check out the new region features, notification improvements, and lots more new stuff and give us all your feedback. Our product and development teams survive on a steady diet of continuous feedback, so please, give our devs an early Christmas dinner of feedback! Make sure to send all that feedback to, please and thank you!

ServiceTrade December 2016 Bearded Briefing Feature Updates from ServiceTrade on Vimeo.


Cascading Comments

Q. How do company comments cascade?
A. Company comments cascade to locations and jobs if they are set to be a technician or scheduling note.


Q. How are regions created, can it be done by zip codes?
A. Regions are not based on zip codes. Instead, they are user-defined shapes drawn on a map as shown in this 2-minute video. Note that regions can be drawn to reflect zip codes.

Q. Can regions be used to assign trip charges?
A. Yes. Jump to the 21:00 mark in the webinar recording to see how contracts can be assigned to regions. This will enable to you to set up regional pricing for trip charges.

Service Link

Q. When creating a contact while sending a service link, where does that contact information go?
A. Creating a contact through this workflow will add a contact to the location or company depending on the option you’ve selected.


Q. Can I add attachments such as PDF’s or pictures to an asset?
A. Not yet. This is a feature we would like to add in the future. Until then, attachments can be accessed by technicians in the field if the office adds attachments URL’s in the asset “notes” field. Jump to the 52:10 mark in the webinar recording to see an example of this.

Q. Can I programmatically give my technician access to generic asset documentation like manuals?
A. Yes, but this is best solved with blank paperwork rules. For example, if you include the make and model number of the asset in the service description of a job, you can create a blank paperwork rule that detects that information and includes the equipment manual in the blank paperwork for that job.

Q. Is there a way to create sub-assets?
A. Not yet. They are tentatively on the development roadmap for Q1 of 2017

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