Invoice Attachment Type

ServiceTrade now supports a job attachment type of "Job Invoice". This is useful if you generate your customers' invoices in an external system (such as your accounting system), or you want your customers to be able to easily access their invoices through Service Link.

You can add job invoice attachments as you would any other job attachment type.

If you mark your ServiceTrade jobs as invoiced by entering information about invoices created in your accounting application or some other system, you can also upload PDFs of those invoices through the "Invoice Job" screen.

Service Opportunity Report Performance Improvements

The Service Opportunity report has been optimized to more efficiently filter out services at inactive locations, which in many cases should result in significantly faster performance when searching for available services.

View Contracts on Locations

You can now review the list of contracts that can be used to create invoices for jobs at any service location. The contract list is available in a new "Contracts" section on each location page.

All contracts that could be used on any job at this location will appear here, including job-type-specific contracts (such as the "Repair Contract" shown above, which applies only to repair jobs at this location).

More information about setting up and using contracts is available here.

More Fillable Blank Paperwork Fields

Two new blank paperwork fields are now available that are useful in cases where your jobs are subcontracted to (or from) your company:

servicetrade_vendor_name - The name of the company performing the work on a subcontracted job (that is, the subcontractor).

servicetrade_prime_contractor_name - The name of the company who sourced the work on a subcontracted job (that is, the subcontractee or prime contractor).

For jobs which are not subcontracted, the vendor and prime contractor names will both be your company's name.

You can learn more about using fillable blank paperwork in this article.

Deficiency ID on Quotes and Services export

You may wish to correlate the services on quotes that your company performs, with information about deficiencies whose repairs you are quoting. To support this use case, the "Quotes and Services" export now includes a "deficiency_id" column. The ID in this column can then be matched to the "id" column on the Deficiency list export.

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