Pre-Work Authorization Workflow in Tablet

Many service opportunities require the technician to obtain the manager's sign-off before they begin performing work. ServiceTrade now supports this need with the pre-work authorization workflow. This may be a replacement for, or may be performed in addition to, the work acknowledgement workflow that typically occurs after service is delivered.

To create a pre-work authorization, a technician should choose "Create Pre-Work Authorization" in the Actions menu.

Just as with work acknowledgement, the technician can choose which job items and services to review with the customer. The customer is then presented with a review screen, which includes your job terms and conditions (if you have configured them), and then the customer can sign the tablet to authorize that the services they reviewed can be performed.

A PDF version of pre-work authorization that includes your terms and conditions and the customer's signature will be generated and attached to the job. However, unlike with work acknowledgement, an emailed receipt is not sent to the customer. To send the customer an emailed receipt of work that was delivered and accepted, the technician should create a work acknowledgement.

Service History Details in Tablet

Recently we released the ability for your technicians to see a list of prior services for an asset.

With this release, your technicians can now see more details about those prior services.

To view the details of an asset's service history, click the details right-arrow button on the right side of any appointment in the service history list.

A read-only view of the appointment details, including the services that were performed and the job items used, will be displayed. In future releases, even more details about each appointment in the service history (such as attachments and comments) will be made available.

Dispatch Board Filter by Region

The ServiceTrade dispatch board now supports filtering by region. To see all available jobs in a given region, open the Available Jobs section of the dispatch board, then open the Region section in the list of filters on the right side of the screen. All regions belonging to the office whose jobs you are viewing will appear. Click on one or more regions to see their available jobs.

You can learn more about setting up and using regions in this video.

Tech Scorecard Filter by Office

You can now choose whether to review the tech scorecard for technicians belonging to a single office, or for all technicians at all offices.

You can learn more about using the tech scorecard with this how-to article.

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