After your service locations are in ServiceTrade, you may start creating jobs in the system.  

Jobs may be created in one of several ways:

  1. If you have already created or imported recurring services, you may bulk create jobs from the Service Opportunities page.  We cover how to use Service Opportunities in this quick tutorial.
  2. You may create a job from an existing approved quote. See article on "Creating Jobs from Quotes".
  3. You may manually create jobs from any location Page or from the map-based Scheduler.
  4. Jobs may also be created from the Dispatch Board's Add Job button.

In the below video, we walk through the various ways to add jobs:


How do I add past jobs for record keeping purposes?

  1. Go to the appropriate Location page
  2. Click Add a Job
  3. Select the appropriate due window
  4. Set the job type
  5. Click Enter a New Service
  6. Add the description, Service Line, and click Add this Service
  7. Click Create Job, which will take you to the location page
  8. Click Complete Job
  9. Enter the past date the job took place
  10. Click Complete
  11. Now you have a record of a job that happened in the past. At this point, click the Invoice Job button, click "I already have an invoice" in the top right corner, then enter the actual invoice information.

How do I make jobs re-occur automatically?

  • The current workflow in ServiceTrade is to create recurring services and then to review the Service Opportunities Report, resulting in jobs being created in bulk for a given time period.

How do I add or remove job types?

  • Available job types can be checked/unchecked in Account Settings.  You must be an Admin user to see or adjust this setting.

I don't see the job type I want.  How do I add a custom job type?

  • Custom job types are not supported at this time.
  • Choose an available job type that is the closest possible match to what you are looking for.

There are job types that we do not use.  Can I get rid of some?

  • Yes.  If you are an admin, click your profile at the top right, then click "Account Settings".  Under "Job Types" un-check any that you do not use in your company.
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