Asset History in Tablet

Your technicians can now use the tablet web application to review the details and service history of all assets at the locations that they service.

To view the details of an asset, click the details right-arrow button on the right side of any asset in the asset list.

Currently you can see the list of all previous services and information about all deficiencies associated with the asset; in the future, even more information will be available.

Clickable Links in Tablet

You can now give your technicians one-click access to external resources such as product manuals, Google Forms, and other web pages, simply by inserting web page links into service descriptions, job descriptions, and comments. Those links will immediately become clickable when the technician views them in the tablet web application.

To add a link, simply enter it into the comment or service description text entry box:

It will then appear as a clickable link in the tablet:

Office-Specific Logos

If your business has multiple offices, you may wish to show your customers different logos for each office; for instance, if you wish to preserve the logos for offices that you obtained through acquisition, or if you wish to include regional contact information or other office-specific content in your office logos.

You can how add a logo to an individual office by going to My Account -> My Company, opening the Offices list, and clicking on the name of the office for which you wish to add a logo. To upload a logo, click the "Upload Office Logo" button in the "Act on this office" list on the right side of the page.

The logo that you choose will appear on quotes, work acknowledgements, job paperwork, and service links for jobs and quotes for that office. Offices which do not have a specific logo will continue to use your account's main logo.

Search More Lists by Region

The Deficiency and Quote lists are now searchable by region, which makes it easy for you to organize your deficiency and quote workflows by geographical area. You can learn more about setting up and using regions in this video.

Better Saved Searches

Many ServiceTrade list searches now remember your last search settings -- even if you log out and log in on a different computer! The affected lists are: Job, Location, Quote, and Deficiency lists.

To clear your saved search settings, simply click the "reset" link in the list search form.

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